No one plans a crash 2024

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New 'No One Plans a Crash' campaign now airing in Western Australia
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behind the scenes filming the No one plans a crash campaign

The newest iteration of the highly successful No one plans a crash (NOPAC) campaign is now airing in Western Australia. 

The target audience spans two important cohorts who are at a pivotal stage of life where road safety is of heightened concern – parents aged 45 to 59 when their children are starting to drive, and young adults aged 17 to 22 who are still learning, as they are inexperienced drivers. 

'No one plans a crash has been our most successful campaign to date,' said Road Safety Commissioner, Adrian Warner. 'It’s achieved the highest awareness and more importantly, the highest number of people who have said this campaign would cause them to make safer choices on the road.' 

'Our campaigns seek to achieve positive behaviour change, and we’re really looking forward to continuing the strong performance we have seen in this space in the extension of NOPAC. 

'It’s been a really tough start to this year on Western Australian roads, which makes this campaign all the more important,' the Commissioner said. 

The campaign will utilise a multi- media approach across television, catch-up/connected TV, radio, cinema, digital, social media and out-of-home advertising. 

The NOPAC campaign is a key initiative in supporting safe road users, one of the five key pillars behind the government’s road safety strategy. 

The following video provides a special behind-the-scenes view of the campaign: 

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