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Tuesday 24 January marked a significant milestone for Department of Communities Customer Liaison Officer Nurel Taylor. It was on this day 46 years ago, as a young woman of 17, that she started working for Communities – or Department for Community Welfare as it was then known.
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Based in Katanning’s Child Protection and Family Support team, Nurel has worked tirelessly throughout her career, not only supporting clients but also her colleagues.

Hers is a story of outstanding resilience and dedication, according to fellow field worker Beverley Hudson.

“We have a great little team in Katanning and Nurel has been a big part of it over the years. She is a wonderful customer liaison officer,” Bev said.

“The role of CLO is one of significant importance, but it is sometimes overlooked or taken for granted. This is not on purpose but purely because the work that we do is onerous, intensive and traumatic and our focus is always directed towards the children we care for and protect.

“It’s for this reason that we feel the importance of Nurel’s long and dedicated career is worthy of our attention. This is an outstanding accomplishment.”

Nurel has supported hundreds of clients, and possibly just as many staff over the past 46 years.

Bev agreed that most of those clients were facing many different challenges, and with that came the range of emotions they felt – some were happy and hopeful, while others were angry or unhappy.

“Nurel works with all of her clients, including those suffering adversity, with kindness and calmness,” Bev said.

In addition to her work duties, Nurel is well known for her fantastic Malay cooking, spoiling her colleagues with everything from spring rolls and curry puffs to Melting Moment biscuits.

“We all feel that this is our comfort, soul filling food and we share this on a regular basis,” Bev said.

“I am sure anyone in the district would be able to speak of the fantastic food she brings to us to share.”

It’s clear that Nurel’s colleagues hold her in high esteem and wanted to share with others how much they value her years of support and kindness, and her never-ending dedication to this role at Communities.

"Nurel’s support to the team and her clients over the years has been appreciated beyond words,” Bev said. “It is too difficult to articulate everything that she means to us.”

Department of Communities Customer Liaison Officer Nurel Taylor (second from right) with her team

Nurel Taylor (second from right) with her team.

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