Planning Online website launch

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Introducing the new Planning Online website, including the Planning Online Applications Portal.
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An image of the new Planning Online website homepage. The main text on the page says: we plan for our future, above a minimalist illustration of a diverse commercial and residential skyline. There is a road in the foreground with a car on the left of screen, with a woman boarding a train in the centre.

As part of the Planning Reform initiative, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage has launched an innovative, new website as a one-stop-shop for all online planning content

The website has a contemporary design with easy-to-understand information and achieves the key Action Plan for Planning Reform goal - Planning is easier to understand and navigate.

The new website will be released in stages. The initial launch on 1 March 2024 includes:

  • the new Planning Applications Online Portal, an improved platform for the online lodgement of all types of planning applications
  • an easy-to-understand guide that explains how the planning system works in Western Australia.

The website also includes comprehensive information about the new key development application changes:

Planning for the next phase of Planning Online is already underway. This will introduce further website functionality and the transfer of all remaining planning content from