Regine finds new pathway to success with a public sector traineeship

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Not only is Regine Ineza studying at school while doing a School Based Traineeship at Armadale Health Service, at just 16 years old she’s also the youth representative for the WA Burundian Association.
Last updated: 17 August 2023
Regine - School Based Traineeship Program

The eldest child of 7, Regine initially chose to do her ATAR but changed her mind after her dad urged her to apply for a traineeship.

“I'm doing general studies now as well as this course at the same time because I realised there was another way for me to get into university without doing ATAR. I think with juggling school it's not that hard because since COVID-19 a lot of our stuff has been online.”

Melissa Meade from Armadale Health Service has been supervising Regine for the past 6 months and says it’s been a great opportunity for both the agency and trainee.

“Regine’s been doing a great job,” Melissa says. “It’s very tough at a young age coming into a very big team with a wide range of experiences rather than going into a ward where you have one nurse you go to all the time. Regine’s had to approach and work with a whole range of allied health and medical staff, and she's done really, really well.”

Regine thinks other students would benefit from school based traineeships as well.

“You might not think you need it, but the world is very big place and you don't know where you're going to end up – so gaining new skills is always going to be useful.”