Revised R-Codes now in effect

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Changes to the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) include exemptions for compliant ancillary dwellings – or granny flats.
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Revised R-Codes now in effect are part of the State Government’s latest planning reforms to support the ongoing delivery of affordable housing and improved design standards. The changes enable the provision of new smaller and accessible housing to meet the changing needs of Western Australia’s communities.

Since 10 April 2024, R-Code compliant granny flats can now be built on residential lots of any size without planning approval if they meet relevant local area setback requirements and do not exceed 70m2.

Other changes under the revised R-Codes include:

  • Relocation of R30-R40 single house development to Part B
  • Retention of R30-R40 Grouped Dwelling development plus draft provisions with some modifications
  • Removal of some 2023 Part C provisions for Single House and Grouped Dwelling developments
  • Deferral of 2023 Part C element for Site Cover for 24 months
  • Retention of provisions for applicable R25-R40 coded lots in Development Zones (Planning Bulletin 112).

A 24-month managed transition period will apply for some of the new standards. To find out more about the revised R-Codes, visit the Residential Design Codes webpage.