Shadows of Summer campaign launched

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The Shadows of Summer campaign launched on Saturday 19th December at Bathers Beach in Fremantle. This summer, shadows representing people lost on our roads this year will be installed across WA to provoke reflection on road safety and driver behaviour.
Policeman and minister with shadows of summer campaign sign

Shadows of Summer launched to remember lives lost on WA roads

The Shadows of Summer campaign was launched by Road Safety Minister Paul Papalia on Sunday 19th December at Bathers Beach in Fremantle. The campaign will cast shadows on walkways across the state to remember the people who have died on WA roads.

162 people have died in preventable road fatalities this year alone. Each shadow represents a life lost in these fatalities, in the hope of prompting conversation on the number of lives lost and reflection on every driver's role in promoting road safety. In launching the campaign, Mr Papalia said, 'If you drive can end up one of these shadows on the ground, and your families will feel the loss for the rest of their lives.'

The Shadows will run over the entire summer period and will be rolled out in both metro and regional locations.

WA police will be ramping up patrols, drug and alcohol testing, and mobile camera units over the festive period, with double demerits in force from December 24 to January 9. 

Don't be missed this summer, drive safely.

shadow of a man skating


Police bike next to shadow on ground


Minister standing in front of Shadows of Summer sign
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