WA Media Awards Social Equity winner

News story
Annabel Hennessy won the 2020 WA Media Awards Social Equity reporting category sponsored by the Equal Opportunity Commission.
Annabel Hennessy with Commission Communications Officer Sarah Johnston

Annabel won the award for her Kill or be Killed report about imprisoned domestic violence victim Jodie Gore.

WA Equal Opportunity Commissioner Dr John Byrne said was an outstanding report that exposed the complexities of domestic violence and how it impacted on women and children.

"The impacts and persistent stigma around domestic violence means discrimination against its victims can have devastating effects, such as what is documented in Annabel's story," he said.

Although Dr Byrne said the current Equal Opportunity Act 1984  (the Act) did not list domestic violence as a ground for unlawful discrimination.

"Domestic violence victims are extremely vulnerable members of society and should be protected under the Act," he said.


Page reviewed 20 November 2020