CoastWA Training Series

The CoastWA Training Series aims to increase understanding of coastal processes and coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning (CHRMAP) amongst coastal land managers such as local government officers, the broader community and other stakeholders including State government agencies.
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A training program has been prepared as part of the CoastWA Community Engagement, Training and Education Strategy. Modules are currently being delivered now and across the next few years.

Module 1: Coastal processes and how they affect shorelines

Coastal processes refer to the natural forces that shape the coastline and its adjacent areas. These processes are driven by a combination of factors including waves, water levels, currents and winds.

Module 2: Coastal protection works

Coastal protection works are permanent or period works which aim to alter physical coastal processes or manage coastal hazards. They typically protect assets from the action of the ocean, including coastal erosion and coastal inundation.

Module 3: Benefit distribution analysis

Benefit distribution analysis can assist with apportioning the costs (capital and recurrent costs) for implementing coastal protection works, based on the beneficiary pays principle.