Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage Strategic Plans

Includes our Strategic Plan, Reconciliation Action Plan, Multicultural Action Plan and Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.
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Strategic Plan 

Our high-level plan outlines our strategic priorities and targets for the next five years.

The five strategies that will guide us to 2024 are - 

  • Places – A quality environment with liveable and affordable communities and thriving regions.
  • Community – Improved customer outcomes and stakeholder relationships enabling a whole of sector approach.
  • People – Strengthened capability and organisational culture through leadership, workforce planning and development.
  • Services – Outstanding practices that deliver results and exceed expectations.
  • Frameworks/Reform – Institutional changes that enable a contemporary and effective system for planning communities, administering lands and conserving cultural heritage in Western Australia.

Reconciliation Action Plan 

The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) provides a framework for the Department to support the national reconciliation movement.

The RAP contributes to advancing the five dimensions of reconciliation by supporting the development of respectful relationships and creating meaningful opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Department has developed a Reflect RAP October 2019- April 2021, which is the first stage of the reconciliation journey.  A Reflect RAP will lay the foundations for future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives. The RAP contains actions aligned to the goals of Relationships, Respect and Opportunities as defined by Reconciliation Australia.  

Multicultural Action Plan 

This Multicultural Action Plan has been developed to help establish a clear and future focused framework to respond to our diverse workforce and stakeholder needs. It is designed to ensure the intended benefits of the State Government’s Western Australian Multicultural Policy Framework 2020 are realised.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 

We are committed to ensuring equal access to our facilities, services and information for all members of the community.

The Department, the Western Australian Planning Commission and the Heritage Council sought public feedback on all aspects of the draft DAIP 2016-2020, particularly the identified barriers and strategies. Following the consultation period, the final DAIP was endorsed by the Department of Communities in October 2018.