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MyLeave Brochures, Forms, Annual Reports, OnSite newsletters, and employer return contribution day calendars.


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Contribution Levy

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Acts and Regulations

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Administered Legislation

The Board assists the Minister for Industrial Relations in administering the following legislation.

All Legislation is linked directly to the State Law Publisher's (opens new window) own Legislation databases. Please visit its site for more information on this and other statutory publishing services.


Prescribed Awards

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To be eligible to be registered with MyLeave, a worker must satisfy two criteria. the worker must be:

  1. employed in classification of work referred to in a prescribed award relating to the construction industry, and 
  2. be working on site in the construction industry.

For full list of prescribed awards please click the following link Prescribed Awards. The list of prescribed awards was updated in November 2021.

The definition of construction industry can be found at in the Glossary section of Employer Information Page

Customer Charter

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To view MyLeave's Customer Service Charter please follow the link below.

We value your feedback. If you wish to share your positive experience, give a compliment, offer a suggestion to help us improve our service, or make a complaint, you can provide your feedback at MyLeave's Feedback and Complaints page. 

Freedom of Information Application Form

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For more information, please go to the Freedom of Information page.

Annual Reports

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Annual Estimates

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