MyLeave – Construction Long Service WA

We administer portable long service leave for construction workers in Western Australia.
Last updated: 29 May 2023


Public notice

MyLeave - 2023 Contribution Rate

MyLeave’s Contribution Rate will remain at 0.1% of the ordinary rate of pay for the 2023 calendar year.

What we do

Construction workers accrue long service leave with MyLeave based on service to the industry - rather than service to a single employer.  This is the portable nature of long service leave with MyLeave.

Workers are entitled to 8 2/3 weeks of leave after 10 years of service with a pro rata entitlement after at least 7 years of service in the construction industry.

The entitlements are partially funded from contributions made by employers for their workers as they accrue service.   The funds are invested with returns assisting to minimise contributions made by employers.

Portable long service leave helps workforce retention, recognises industry loyalty, and is good for the construction industry.

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