Planning bulletins

Planning bulletins provide advice on legislation, planning practice, subdivision and development control, and policy positions of the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).
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Current planning bulletins are listed below. Rescinded planning bulletins are archived and available on request.

Parliament House Precinct policy - Jul 1983

This Planning Bulletin aims to recognise the significance of Parliament and reinforce the unique role Parliament Hill plays in the structure of the City.

It outlines measures to maintain views of Parliament House from the City, maintain views over the Swan River from the terraces of Parliament House and control the appearance of the Parliament House Precinct.

33 - Rights-of-way or laneways in established areas - Jan 2017

This planning bulletin establishes the WAPC's policy, practice and procedures regarding residential and commercial development and subdivision (including strata and survey-strata) adjoining existing rights-of-way (or laneways).

The development of rights-of-way in “greenfield” subdivisions in new urban areas, or on large urban infill sites within developed areas, is addressed in the WAPC’s Development Control Policy 1.7 - General Road Planning.

37 - Draft model text provisions for structure plans - Feb 2000

The purpose of this planning bulletin is to seek comment on draft model text provisions for structure plans.

The draft provisions are included in schedule 1 attached to this planning bulletin. The draft provisions set out a clear and consistent procedure for the preparation, assessment, advertising, approval and modification of structure plans. The draft provisions also introduce the concept of detailed area plans.

Following consideration of comments and finalisation, it is intended to introduce the draft provisions as regulations.

70 - Caretakers' dwellings in industrial areas - Jan 2017

This planning bulletin highlight’s the issues associated with the establishment of caretakers’ dwellings in the State and to outline a policy for dealing consistently with this demand through local planning strategies, local planning schemes and policy provisions.

Although the Bulletin has been prepared largely in response to emerging regional issues where there is a greater demand for caretakers’ dwellings, it can be equally applied to the metropolitan region. However, the WAPC acknowledges the significant differences between metropolitan and regional local government areas throughout the State and the need to accommodate a range of responses to this issue.

72 - Child care centres - Aug 2009

The purpose of this planning bulletin is to outline a consistent policy approach to planning for childcare centres.

The purpose of this planning bulletin is to:

  • differentiate between child care related activities operating in existing residential area, such as family day care that takes place in dwellings, and non-residential child care activities
  • outline a consistent policy approach to planning for child care centres
  • advise of planning considerations in relation to the location and development of child care centres.

The bulletin has been prepared in consultation with the Department for Child Protection, Department for Communities, Department of Health, Department of Environment and Conservation and local government.

The bulletin supersedes Planning Bulletin 72 Child-care Centres (June 2005) and the planning guidelines included in it.

87 - High pressure gas transmission pipelines in the Perth Metropolitan Region - Oct 2007

This planning bulletin provides guidance on matters to be taken into account in considering planning proposals.

This planning bulletin provides guidance on matters to be taken into account by the WAPC, local governments and applicants in considering planning proposals in the vicinity of the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline and the Parmelia Gas Pipeline, in the Perth metropolitan region.

This bulletin applies to the Perth metropolitan region as defined by the Metropolitan Region Scheme. It applies to schemes, scheme amendments, structure planning, subdivision or development, except for conventional agricultural or rural pursuits, within the vicinity of the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline corridor and the Parmelia Gas Pipeline easement.

97 - Proposed street tree and utility planning amendments to Liveable Neighbourhoods and Development Control Policy 1.3 - Strata Titles - May 2009

This planning bulletin explains proposed changes to the street trees and utility planning clauses in Liveable Neighbourhoods and Development Control Policy 1.3 Strata Titles.

The objectives of the proposed amendments are to ensure:

  • road verges are of sufficient width to continue to accommodate all transport requirements, street trees, paths, utilities and services now and in the future
  • flexibility in the road reserve for future changes in services, transport and future densification
  • that street trees are planted and maintained.

100 - State Planning Policy 3.6 - Development contributions for infrastructure - Nov 2009

This planning bulletin provides an overview of State Planning Policy 3.6 Development Contributions for Infrastructure which was gazetted on 20 November 2009.

SPP 3.6 consolidates and expands on Planning Bulletin 18 Developer Contributions for Infrastructure and Planning Bulletin 41 Draft Model Text Provisions for Development Contributions. These planning bulletins are superceded by SPP 3.6 which:

  • sets out development contribution provisions for standard infrastructure items applied by the WAPC on the subdivision, strata subdivision, or development of land
  • provides a consistent, accountable and transparent system for local governments to plan and charge for community infrastructure items which are not included in the standard provisions through development contribution plans.

107 - New model subdivision - Oct 2012

The Model Subdivision Condition Schedule is an essential tool used by the WAPC, to ensure compliance with the statutory and policy responsibilities of the WAPC in granting approval to subdivide land into freehold, survey strata and strata titles.

The Model Subdivision Conditions Schedule is to be used by referral agencies in response to WAPC subdivision referrals to assist in the timely determination of applications.

A review of the current Model Subdivision Conditions Schedule (January 2009) has been undertaken, resulting in the release of a new Schedule adopted by the WAPC.

112 - Medium-density single house development standards - development zones - Apr 2016

This planning bulletin outlines acceptable variations to the deemed-to-comply provisions of the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) for medium-density single houses in development areas, and required methods for implementation, for consistent application across Western Australia.

113 - Multiple dwellings in R40 coded areas and variation to R-Codes multiple dwelling development standards - Jul 2015

This planning bulletin outlines acceptable local planning scheme amendment proposals that seek to control multiple dwellings in R40 coded areas and variation to multiple dwelling standards for consistent application throughout Western Australia.

115 – Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Interim Advice for Local Government

This Planning Bulletin provides guidance to local governments for the implementation of Position Statement: Planning for Tourism and Short-Term Rental Accommodation (the Position Statement).

The Position Statement includes several policy positions that will impact planning frameworks. This bulletin outlines changes that will be needed as amendments to the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 are implemented in 2024. Further guidance will be issued once these amendments are finalised.