Quarantine Advisory Panel

The Quarantine Advisory Panel (QAP) provides strategic oversight of the management of Western Australia’s (WA) quarantine arrangements and advice to support continuous improvement, optimal health, economic and social outcomes, and management of current and emerging risks.
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The Panel’s responsibilities include assessing and advising on the capacity, capability and performance of WA's quarantine arrangements.

The Quarantine Advisory Panel (QAP) define WA’s quarantine system as;

“the mechanisms and levers involved in the management of individuals who are positive or suspected positive of COVID-19.  This includes arrivals into WA from medium, high or extreme-risk national or international locations and/or WA residents who are impacted by community transmission events.”

About QAP

Specifically, the role of the Panel is to:

  • provide assurance to Government that WA’s quarantine system is fit-for-purpose, agile and responsive to the dynamic and complex challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and promotes a culture of continuous improvement, best practice and transparency
  • provide advice and support to the Department of Health, as the Hazard Management Agency for human epidemic under the Emergency Management Act 2005, in leading and managing WA’s COVID-19 quarantine arrangements
  • facilitate whole of government coordination and expert clinical and corporate governance input into WA’s quarantine system.