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Streamline WA is a whole-of-government initiative to make it easier to do business in WA by improving regulation and regulatory practice. It aims to deliver better services and outcomes for Western Australians.

Latest news – Independent Review of Environmental Approvals

The independent review of environmental approvals led by former Environmental Protection Authority chair Paul Vogel and planning expert David McFerran, has been completed. 

The recommendations from the review, and the Government’s response is now available. View media statement.

Spotlight – Occupational Licensing goes online 

The Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DEMIRS)   administers more than 100  diverse licence types covering the majority of Western Australia’s occupational licensing regimes.

For the approximately 113,000 new licence applications received each year, the only option was to submit a paper application either through the post or by visiting the Cannington office – until now.

DEMIRS has now delivered a new online forms system that gives customers an accessible and easy way to submit applications and supporting information, as well as quickly and easily pay application fees.

There has been rapid take up of the new system across each regulated industry and because applications are received instantly and electronically it is already delivering improvements in licence processing times.

Planning is now underway for the delivery of a fully digitised application process for all of DEMIRS’ licences in the near future.

More case studies and a one-page achievement snapshot are available via Progress Reports and Achievements