FHOG Lodgement Guide: Supporting evidence (applicants)

You must provide evidence to support your application.

If the supporting evidence is in a language other than English, provide a certified translation.

If lodging with an Approved Agent If lodging with RevenueWA

Each applicant and their spouse/de facto partner must provide a category 1 document. The remaining identity checks will be performed by the Approved Agent.

Approved Agents must be authorised by RevenueWA to process applications. Confirm your lender is an Approved Agent.

Each applicant and their spouse/de facto partner must provide one document from each of the three categories (three documents per person). You cannot use the same document for more than one category.

Do not send original documents. Only send a legible photocopy.

You may also need to provide additional supporting evidence.

Along with the evidence below, you will need to provide supporting evidence relating to the transaction.

You must provide supporting evidence with your application form

Category 1 - Australian citizenship or permanent residency

At least one applicant must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident on or before the date of the grant application.

If an Australian citizen

  • Australian birth certificate/extract or passport or citizenship certificate.

If a New Zealand citizen

  • current passport or Certificate of Status for New Zealand Resident in Australia, issued by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • New Zealand citizens must be living in Australia at the commencement of the eligible transaction.

If a citizen of another country

  • current passport and
  • evidence of permanent residency or permanent resident visa or
  • Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status, issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

Category 3 - Australian residence

Not required if lodging with an Approved Agent.

If lodging with RevenueWA:

  • Medicare card or
  • motor vehicle registration or
  • Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs card or
  • debit/credit card from a financial institution or
  • a similar card or document that shows residence in Australia.

See the ‘Alternative Proof of Identity’ fact sheet for more information.

Additional supporting evidence

Provide additional supporting evidence if you are:

Circumstance Evidence required
Married Marriage certificate
Separated A Statutory Declaration detailing the following information:
  • name of former spouse/de facto partner
  • former spouse/de facto partner’s date of birth
  • the date of marriage or commencement of the domestic relationship
  • the date of separation
  • former spouse/de facto partner’s current address (if known) and
  • whether the applicant currently lives with their former spouse/de facto partner and whether they intend to resume cohabitation.
Divorced Evidence of divorce (e.g. Decree Nisi, Decree Absolute)
Widowed Death certificate
Using a different name Change of name certificate
Page reviewed 10 October 2022