Attraction and Retention Packages for Regional Childcare Workers program

Funding for local governments in regional areas to deliver retention and attraction workforce packages.
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The State Government has committed $1 million towards retaining early childhood education and care workers in regional Western Australia through the establishment of a capped grant fund ($250,000 per annum) to local governments in regional areas to fund retention and attraction workforce packages.

Funding of up to $25,000 is available for Local Government Authorities to deliver a range of activities including:

  • subsidised accommodation/housing
  • intrastate travel relevant to the project
  • relocation packages
  • training and professional development
  • support for educators to complete their practicums (including wages for relief staff)
  • purchase of small capital items to support online learning
  • workshops, seminars and talks to recruit prospective educators.

Partnerships with more than one Local Government Authority may apply for a greater amount of funding commensurate to the number of Local Government Authorities and the regional coverage.


2023 recipients

Local Government Program Name Amount Funded Region
Shire of Ravensthorpe Ravensthorpe Childcare Workers Professional Development $22,399 Goldfields-Esperance
Shire of Lake Grace Support Gnowangerup Family Support Association in their delivery of childcare service at Newdegate $25,000 Great Southern
Shire of Gnowangerup Travel Subsidy to Support Educators $32,130 Great Southern
Shire of Shark Bay Subsidised accommodation for remote area, in venue Family Day Care Educators $25,000 Gascoyne
Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley Childcare worker housing support $36,000 Kimberley
Shire of Carnarvon Advancing Early Year Futures Stage 2 Project $25,000 Gascoyne
Shire of Kent Central Great Southern Early Childhood Education and Care Conference 2023 $10,000 Great Southern
Town of Port Hedland Town of Port Hedland - Community Childcare Grants Program $25,000 Pilbara