Building Bonus Grant and HomeBuilder Grant Application Form

Use this form to apply for the $20,000 Building Bonus grant or the $25,000 HomeBuilder grant.

Answer some questions to see which grants or rebates you may be eligible to receive.

You can receive the Building Bonus grant and HomeBuilder grant if you meet the eligibility criteria for the grants.

The Western Australian Building Bonus grant of $20,000 is available to eligible applicants who enter into a contract to build a new home on vacant land or enter into an off-the-plan sales contract to purchase a new home as part of a single-tier development on a strata plan or other land survey type.

The Australian Government HomeBuilder grant of $25,000 is available to eligible owner-occupiers who enter into a contract to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home, or purchase a new home off-the-plan as a principal place of residence.

See the application form for details of when you should submit your application.

The HomeBuilder grant is administered by RevenueWA, with funding provided by the Australian Government.

Please note - Providing false or misleading information to the Department of Finance is a criminal offence. If it is determined that you have provided false and misleading information to obtain, or attempt to obtain the grant, prosecution action may be undertaken and you may not be eligible to receive a grant on future applications. See our news article for more information.


Page reviewed 21 October 2020