Development control policy 2.2 - Residential subdivision

This policy sets out the WAPC’s requirements for landowners intending to subdivide residential land. It assists to create a diversity of lot and housing types throughout the State.
Last updated:

The WAPC has finalised an update to its Residential Subdivision Development Control Policy (DCP 2.2). This followed a public consultation period including 44 written submissions.

The policy allows consideration of variations to average lot size greater than five per cent for corner lots only.

The policy is not to be used to circumvent the R-Coding of land to facilitate subdivision and increased density not intended under local planning frameworks.

Nested subdivision proposals involve the inclusion of two or more original/parent lots and/or minor boundary adjustments between them to achieve the average lot size requirement. Staged or successive subdivision proposals involve the creation of one minimum sized lot under separate subdivision applications in order to obtain increased lot yield.

Nested and staged/successive subdivision proposals are not generally supported.

The WAPC may require lot reconfiguration to facilitate retention of significant trees and mature vegetation.