Digital Services Policy

This policy sets a position for the provision and management of the Western Australian Government’s digital service offerings for the community.

This policy is a key policy underpinning Digital WA: the State ICT Strategy.  It applies to all WA public sector online channels, including public facing websites and portals.

The objective of the policy is to provide high quality citizen-focused government digital services by:

  • supporting transformation of government processes and delivery of services through the appropriate digital channels
  • delivering digital services that are based on community needs and life events
  • delivering a unified consistent presence across channels to enable a better user experience for Western Australian citizens
  • delivering secure digital services that are current, reliable and accessible anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Digital Services Policy Framework

The Digital Services Policy Framework (DSPF) which provides guidance for agencies in the delivery of digital services, including websites. Guidance materials will be added to the DSPF as we progress with the whole of government digital services portal, referred to as ServiceWA (Digital).

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Page reviewed 13 July 2018