Gosnells dust study - ambient air quality monitoring

Research and analysis
Environmental Resources Management Australia Pty Ltd (ERM) was commissioned by the Western Australia Government, Department for Planning and Infrastructure to undertake an ambient air monitoring program in the area surrounding West Martin, Western Australia.
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In 2001 the City of Gosnells identified west Martin as an area for urban development. West Martin is currently a wedge of rural land that lies between the Canning River, Gosnells Road West and the Tonkin Highway. Historical land use in the west Martin area was based primarily on agriculture, which included commercial orchards, market gardens, and equestrian use.

According to the WAPC, and under the State Planning Policy 2.4 Basic Raw Material Policy, the site has been identified as a ‘key extraction area’ of regional significance which provides for a long term supply of basic raw materials. The City of Gosnells commissioned an air quality assessment in 2002 for two distinct purposes:

  • to enable the WAPC to develop a clear definition of a buffer area around the existing quarries (Readymix and Boral) to determine subdivision applications within the ‘hardrock quarries sphere of influence’
  • to enable the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to assess the environmental impact on the subdivision applications and the perceived health risk to potential residents.