Multicultural Plan 2022–2024 – Treasury WA

The Department of Treasury’s Multicultural Plan 2022-24 has been developed part of our commitment to creating a workplace that encourages inclusion and equitable participation by everyone.
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The Department of Treasury embraces all aspects of cultural and linguistic diversity within our workforce and in the services we provide.  We recognise the benefits that cultural diversity can bring to the work that we do, in government decision-making, programs, policies and actions that we deliver.

The Treasury Multicultural Plan 2022-2024 has been developed in line with Treasury’s Strategic Plan 2022-2024 and Treasury’s Workforce and Diversity Plan, and the Public Sector Commission’s Workforce and Diversification and Inclusion Strategy for WA Public Sector Employment 2020-2025.  It addresses the main policy priority areas outlined in the Western Australian Multicultural Policy Framework (WAMPF) being:

  • Harmonious and inclusive communities; 
  • Culturally responsive policies, programs and services; and
  • Economic, social, cultural, civic and political participation.  

The Multicultural plan will guide Treasury on implementing initiatives, and monitoring our programs, policies and services that support the culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) community. It is our commitment to ensuring people from CaLD backgrounds are afforded participation, equality and fairness in opportunities, and policies, programs and services that Treasury provides.