Nambeelup Industrial Area District Structure Plan

The proposed Nambeelup Industrial Area (NIA) will be a modern industrial estate comprising of approximately 1,000 ha of industrial land, situated about 9 km north-east of the Mandurah city centre and 14 km north-west of the Pinjarra townsite.
Last updated: 1 December 2021

The establishment of Peel Business Park at Nambeelup is included as a key transformational project in the Peel Regional Investment Blueprint, Vision 2050 (the Blueprint) prepared by the Peel Development Commission. 

In order to facilitate a coordinated approach to the planning and development of the NIA, and to protect areas determined to be of environmental significance within the NIA, there was a need to prepare a district structure plan to provide overall guidance for future industrial development and infrastructure provision.

Following more than 10 years of planning, environmental, drainage and infrastructure servicing investigations, as well as separate public consultation periods for an initial draft District Structure Plan in 2012 and then a revised draft DSP in 2014, the Western Australian Planning Commission endorsed the final Nambeelup Industrial Area DSP in December 2015. 

The finalisation of the DSP now provides the opportunity to progress further detailed planning, environmental and infrastructure servicing investigations required for the implementation of the DSP.  

Part 1 of this report outlines the vision, key planning objectives and proposals, as well as proposed implementation mechanisms.  Part 2 provides background information relating to the preparation of the DSP, including the relevant planning, environmental, drainage and infrastructure servicing issues.