Peel Region Scheme Amendment 041/57 - Public drinking water source protection areas

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment 041/57 to the Peel Region Scheme (Public Drinking Water Source Areas).

This amendment is shown on Western Australian Planning Commission plans 1.7430, 1.7431 and 1.7432.

The purpose of the amendment is to remove approximately 1,754 hectares from the Special Control Area No. 1 – Water Catchments classification of the Scheme.  The amendment consists of four separate proposals.  Each relates to land within a different water catchment where a Public Drinking Water Source Area (PDWSA) has been abolished.

Giving Statutory Effect to These Amendments

The amendment to the Peel Region Scheme takes effect from Friday 5 June 2020, the date of publication in the Government Gazette.


Page reviewed 29 November 2021