Planning Position Statement - Residential accommodation for ageing persons

This document outlines the Western Australian Planning Commission’s requirements to support the provision of residential aged care within the local government planning framework in Western Australia.
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Developed in response to Western Australia’s ageing population, the policy measures contained in the position statement aim to streamline the delivery approach across local governments at both the strategic and statutory planning level, and provide detailed guidance to support implementation. The position statement:

  • introduces two new land use types – residential aged care facility and independent living complex
  • makes provision for the residential accommodation needs for older people to be considered in local government planning frameworks
  • advocates for the residential accommodation needs for older people to be identified early and provided for in local planning strategies and schemes, with consideration given to development standards appropriate to the local context
  • calls for aged care accommodation to be integrated within local communities, close to health and community services and adequately serviced by transport networks.

Changes to this position statement (deferred implementation) associated with the medium density amendments to R-Codes (Volume 1) can be found on the Medium Density Housing Code page.