Strategic direction

The Strategic Direction Statement 2022-2025 for Department of Communities sets out our vision, purpose, directions and outcomes, underpinned by our values, for the next three years.
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The Department of Communities brings together vital services and functions that enable individual, family and community wellbeing.

We partner across government and the community services sector to support diverse communities throughout Western Australia.

In the next three years we will pursue five strategic directions in the way we work to achieve our vision, including:

Greater self-determination

All people have a fundamental right to shape their own lives and control their future. We know that we can achieve better outcomes when people are at the centre of decisions about their own lives.

Earlier intervention and prevention

Earlier intervention and prevention improves long-term outcomes for the individuals, children and families we serve, often at a lower cost.

Continuous improvement in service delivery

Communities has significant statutory responsibilities, including child protection, building and maintaining housing and delivering and regulating community services and supports. Communities also delivers on Government priorities to support better outcomes for Aboriginal people, people with disability, carers, youth and volunteers.

When we undertake these functions, we seek to always commit to better ways of delivering outcomes for the people we serve.

Innovative and integrated approaches

Communities’ broad portfolio of responsibilities, wide network and footprint provides opportunities to integrate supports for children, individuals, families and communities.

Those characteristics also make it possible to learn from and build on innovations in other portfolios, from different parts of the State and Nation and our delivery partners

A focus on our people and workplace

We work in a complex service system and our work can be both challenging and rewarding. We must maintain a strong focus on our people and workplace, so Communities is a great place to work.

As a result of our work, we will deliver outcomes centred around strong families, care for children, inclusive communities, a place to call home, resilient people and communities, and Communities being a great place to work.