WA Youth Engagement Grants Program

Funding for local governments and community service organisations to implement projects that engage young people to help achieve positive outcomes for young people in the community.
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The WA Youth Engagement Grants Program has been running for several years, but was in 2020-21 rebranded as the COVID-19 Youth Recovery Grants Program.

The program has now returned to its original objective of funding initiatives and projects that promote and empower young people.

Examples of initiatives and activities that would qualify for funding include:

  • projects that increase representation of Aboriginal young people with youth development and youth support decision-making mechanisms
  • increasing the representation of young people in the development of preventative, early intervention and diversion projects for vulnerable young people or young people engaged with the youth justice system
  • improving mental wellbeing outcomes for young people who are underrepresented such as young carers, young people living with disability, and young victims of family and domestic violence.

Funded initiatives can also include peer mentoring and respectful relationships training for young people.

Grants of up to $5,000 are available for short-term, one-off activities or initiatives of up to six months’ duration, and up to $10,000 for longer term, community-wide, strategic initiatives.


Download the 2023 recipients list below.