Western Australian Aboriginal Expenditure Review 2022-23

Finance report
Western Australia’s first Aboriginal Expenditure Review transparently identifies spending on Aboriginal programs and services using data from 23 State Government agencies, and is an important step in improving outcomes for Aboriginal people.
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The Aboriginal Expenditure Review is the first review of its kind in Western Australia and reflects the contribution of data from across 23 State Government agencies. 
It delivers on Western Australia’s commitment under the Closing the Gap National Agreement to review and identify current State Government spending on Aboriginal programs and services to identify reprioritisation opportunities to Aboriginal organisations.  It provides insights into the number and type of programs and how they are delivered, including the proportion of delivery by Aboriginal organisations. 
This review makes recommendations to improve future reviews, apply findings from the review, continue consultation with Aboriginal stakeholders, and guide reprioritisation of spending to Aboriginal organisations.
We acknowledge the significant input of the Aboriginal Advisory Council of WA (AACWA) in the development of this review and will continue to work in partnership with the AACWA and contributing agencies on future reports.