Western Australia's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Industry Information Pack

Informs potential investors and global industry partners about the environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes for Western Australia's key industries.

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Western Australia is strongly positioned to be a supplier of choice in a cleaner, more diverse, inclusive and responsible global economy. We have the right ingredients to deliver better ESG outcomes, including the mindset, people, technology, resources, geography and determination needed to thrive.

Delivery of ESG outcomes is a shared priority for the Western Australian Government, industry and community.  The Western Australian Industry ESG Information Pack, has been prepared to inform investment decisions in our key industries. It provides a snapshot of industry contribution to ESG outcomes, aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The industries included have been guided by Western Australia's economic development framework, Diversify WA

The industry snapshot builds on a previous information pack called 'Supporting Continuous Improvement in ESG Outcomes for Western Australia'. 

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

The information pack, below, presents a range of industry-led ESG ambitions and actions, and benchmarks them to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to show how they link, and establish a baseline to assess progress on ESG outcomes.

Priority sectors

The industries included have been guided by Western Australia’s economic development framework, Diversify WA, which identifies 8 external-facing sectors.

The 8 priority sectors are: 

  • Energy 
  • Tourism, events and creative industries 
  • International education 
  • Defence industries 
  • Mining and METS 
  • Space industries 
  • Health and medical life sciences 
  • Primary industries 

The Diversify WA framework also recognises the importance of activities that will improve value and productivity across multiple sectors of the external-facing economy. These cross-sector activities, which include science, innovation and technology and advanced manufacturing, are also showcased in the information pack, below.

Committed to sustainable business

Delivering ESG outcomes is a shared priority for the Western Australian Government, industry and community.

While major achievements have already been delivered, this is an ongoing commitment supported through public and private investment and innovation.

Western Australia has a long-standing global reputation for delivering outstanding quality in everything we do and produce.

This is a reputation built by our unique strengths and capabilities, such as our highly skilled workforce, abundant resources and our exceptional research and education institutions. It is enhanced through the state’s good governance, regulation and whole-of-economy commitment to achieving outstanding ESG outcomes. 

Western Australia has a range of cutting-edge industries and competitive advantages that can help to unlock commercial value.

With a continually growing and diversifying economy supported by the WA Government through the Diversify WA framework, strong supply chains, a reliable trading record and a collaborative approach to investment, Western Australia is an ideal partner for business across the globe.