Western Australia's Future Battery Industry Strategy

The Future Battery Industry Strategy aims to grow Western Australia's future battery industry, and transform it into a large source of economic development, diversification, jobs and skills.
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The WA government has a vision for the WA future battery industry: to be world leading, sustainable and value-adding and to provide local jobs, contribute to skill development, support economic diversification and benefit regional communities. The future battery industry strategy provides a framework for this vision, and is based on a list of actions under four themes.

Action themes

1. Investment attraction

Many countries are competing to secure a role in global battery supply chains. Building on current competitive advantages, the WA government will promote WA as a destination for investment. 

2. Project facilitation

Mining, processing and manufacturing projects require access to adequate land, infrastructure, water and energy, supplies and workers. The WA government will work with industry to ensure that WA is investment-ready.

3. Research and development

Battery technologies are evolving quickly. Battery and electric vehicle manufacturers are making improvements to the stability and performance of their batteries and looking at ways to address weaknesses in their supply chains.

WA has globally recognised research capacity in mining and mineral processing. The WA government will continue to work with research organisations, industry and the federal government to build on this capacity to influence battery technologies globally and ensure WA's minerals and expertise remain relevant.

4. Adoption of new battery technologies

Rechargeable batteries in electric vehicles and in electricity grids, are a part of transitioning to modern, cleaner and energy-secure societies.

The uptake of battery technologies will create opportunities for battery-related economic activities. The WA government will work with industry, the federal government, research organisations and local governments to understand and seize opportunities associated with the uptake of batteries in Australia and globally. 

Future Battery Industry Strategy Update

The WA Government has updated its Future Battery Industry Strategy to ensure WA’s capabilities are identified in the battery and critical minerals supply chain.

The Strategy Update broadens the government’s focus to include the opportunities presented by critical minerals and rare earth elements, which are required to manufacture a range of high performance products including defence technologies, wind turbines, solar panels, aeroplane engines and alloys. 

As part of the WA Recovery Plan, the WA Government committed $13.2 million to attract a global precursor or cathode active materials (CAM) manufacturer to the State. This incentive is a significant component of the WA Government’s investment attraction objectives, set out in this Strategy Update. 

The Strategy Update includes an expansion of the Ministerial Taskforce to include key members from across the industry, including: 

  • Albemarle Lithium Pty Ltd 
  • Association of Mining and Exploration Companies
  • Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union
  • Australian Services Union  
  • Australian Vanadium Limited
  • BHP Nickel West
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA
  • Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA
  • Coogee Chemicals
  • EcoGraf Limited
  • IGO
  • Lisle Group
  • Lycopodium
  • Lynas Corporation
  • Magellan Power
  • Northern Minerals
  • Pilbara Minerals
  • Primero
  • Tianqi Lithium Australia