Age-friendly communities

The Department of Communities encourages and supports the development of age-friendly communities in Western Australia.
Last updated: 27 October 2022

Age-friendly communities are those that are inclusive and accessible for people of all ages. This encompasses spaces and places, programs and initiatives that make a community better for all residents including children, young people, parents and seniors. 

An age-friendly community is one that:

  • recognises the great diversity among older people,
  • promotes their inclusion and contribution in all areas of community life,
  • respects their decisions and lifestyle choices, and
  • anticipates and responds to age-related needs and preferences.

When developing an age-friendly community, older adults have the opportunity to have their opinions heard on services, supports, and activities that would enhance their lives and their community. 

Communities has launched Creating Age-Friendly Communities in Western Australia, 2021 (also known as the Age-friendly Communities Toolkit)—a revised version of the original toolkit published in 2006.

Based on the World Health Organisation’s Global age-friendly cities: a guide (The Guide), the Toolkit establishes a best-practice benchmark for creating age-friendly communities, irrespective of population size or geographical location.

Age-friendly Community Grants Program

For grants and funding opportunities, visit the grants and funding page.

These local governments and organisations received funding from age-friendly community grants programs to develop the following projects:

Victoria Park Connect

Age-friendly Rental Guide: This project researched age-friendly housing options in the Cities of Belmont, Canning, South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park.

City of Bayswater

Age-friendly Ambassador Program: Age-friendly Ambassadors are volunteers that are passionate about making their community a better place to live.

Darling Range Seniors Hub

Neighbour Connect and Age-friendly Business Program: The Hub supports volunteers to help seniors and people who are socially isolated. Funding also contributed to the establishment of the Age-friendly Business Program where Hub members can access discounts from local businesses.

World Health Organisation Affiliation

Since 2017, the Government of Western Australia has been an Affiliate of the World Health Organisation’s Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities and is currently the only Australian jurisdiction that is an Affiliate. Established in 2010, there are currently 1114 age-friendly cities and communities in 44 countries that are connected with the common vision of making their community a great place to grow old in.

There are currently five local governments that are members of the Global Network – City of Cockburn (2015); City of Fremantle (2016); City of Melville (2011); City of Rockingham (2012); and the City of Wanneroo (2019).

Find out more about age-friendly practices from around the world and for more information about the Global Network.

Local Government Professionals Age-friendly Community Network

Local governments are perfectly placed to support and implement age-friendly communities due to the connection and knowledge of their local community.

Community Development officers that focus on enhancing the lives of older adults in their community are welcome to join the Local Government (LG) Professionals Age-friendly Network. The Network aims to increase awareness and understanding of age-friendly communities in Western Australia.

Find out more about LG Professionals Age-Friendly Network.

Age-friendly Home Maintenance Toolkit

To get the most out of your home, it is important to take a good look around and attend to any maintenance issues early. By doing so, your home will continue to be an enjoyable place in which to live for many years.

The Age-friendly Home Maintenance Toolkit has been developed to present ideas on how to identify and address common maintenance issues. The suggestions in this toolkit are flexible; you can choose whatever tips suit you best. Please note that any major modifications to your home may require council approval.