Cadets WA

​​The Department of Communities funds and administers the Cadets WA program in Western Australia, and develops policies and procedures to support it.

More than 9,500 young people participate in over 190 cadet units throughout the State and involve around 1100 volunteer instructors. Cadets participate in a range of activities that develop leadership and life skills, and a sense of community responsibility and service. Secondary school students taking part in Cadets WA will typically undertake adventurous training, camping, hiking, sporting activities and exercise their leadership potential.

    Setting up a cadet unit

    A school or approved organisation can participate in Cadets WA by:

    • becoming a host
    • providing facilities for use by the cadet unit
    • administering funds paid by Communities for use by the cadet unit
    • promoting and encouraging students and young people to participate in cadet training.

    Schools and approved organisations that would like to host a cadet unit must complete and submit a Cadet Unit Application Form.

    Adults who may wish to participate in the Cadets WA program include:

    • teachers
    • members of community organisations
    • parents or other members of the community
    • ex-service personnel
    • specialist personnel
    • people who provide support on a continuing or as required basis.

    Instructor requirements

    To become an instructor in a cadet unit, the following conditions apply:

    • completion of an application form
    • submission of a National Police Clearance Certificate and Working With Children Check
    • confirmation of suitability by the cadet unit's host organisation and/or school principal.

    Role of the unit leader

    The role of the unit leader in a cadet unit is to:

    • liaise with the school and wider community
    • allocate training to comply with the unit's training program priorities
    • plan activities
    • administer the cadet unit, and
    • provide instruction to cadets and adult leaders/instructors.

    Cadets WA Service Awards

    The Department of Communities acknowledges the service of adult instructors in the Cadets WA program through the Cadets WA Service Awards.

    Please complete an application form to make a request for the consideration of an award.

    The instruction pertaining to each level of award is strictly adhered to.

    Page reviewed 22 December 2021