COVID-19 coronavirus: Disability services

The Department of Communities established a Disability Taskforce, with a role to support the disability sector to provide essential services to people with disability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

General information

In February 2020, Communities established a Disability Taskforce, with a role to support the disability sector to provide essential services to people with disability during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Disability Taskforce includes representatives of disability and community sectors, Communities and other government agencies working in partnership.

The Disability Taskforce has collated a range of information and resources to assist the WA disability sector to prepare and respond in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Information helpline

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information helpline

  • 13 COVID (13 26843)
  • Interstate callers: 1800 595 206
  • International callers: +61 8 9118 3100

Anyone impacted by COVID-19 can phone the 13 COVID (13 26843) a WA operated helpline for practical support and information. This includes people who have been placed under home isolation or quarantine as a result of COVID-19 and require welfare support (for example food, clothing and personal requisites, emergency accommodation, personal support services, financial assistance, registration and reunification).

Trusted information sources

Please ensure you use trusted sources about COVID-19 because there is a lot of misinformation in the community.

Trusted sources include the WA Government, Australian Government, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and NDIS Commission.  See below a list of websites to read accurate and current information.

Visit the WA Government website for up-to-date information and advice on COVID-19 for the community and business in WA.

The Western Australia (WA) Department of Health is working closely with the Commonwealth and state and territory jurisdictional governments to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. The website has information on WA’s response to COVID-19 including a vast array of resources.

The Australian Government has a dedicated website containing the latest official COVID-19 news, updates and advice from government agencies across Australia.

The Australian Government Department of Health provide daily health alerts

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has a range of information and resources for NDIS participants and NDIS providers.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission provides information such as updates, training, alerts and resources to registered NDIS providers to support the continued delivery of quality and safe services to NDIS participants.

See below resources developed for Aboriginal people and communities:

The Department of Home Affairs has translated COVID-19 information into 36 languages

Vaccines and treatments

The roll-out of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program commenced from 22 February 2021, led by the Australian Government.

Keep up to date via the Australian Government Department of Health links below:

Information is also available at:

COVID-19 Testing

The WA Department of Health encourages early testing as people are most infectious when they first experience symptoms. COVID-19 can cause symptoms that range from mild illness to pneumonia. If a person is experiencing any of the below symptoms, they should get a COVID-19 test:

  • fever of 37.5°C or above OR fever in the last few days (for example, night sweats or chills)
  • coughing, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose
  • loss of smell or taste.

If a person has COVID-19 symptoms, they should seek advice from their General Practitioner (GP), the WA Coronavirus Information Helpline 13 COVID (13 268 43) or the National Coronavirus Helpline 1800 020 080 about whether they should be tested.

If the person has severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, an ambulance should be called on 000 and the operator advised that the person has a fever, cough, sore throat or respiratory illness.

If a person with disability is accessing the health system alone or without a known support (carer or support worker) consider completing the COVID-19 hospital companion for people with disability form. This can be provided to frontline health workers to communicate important personal information and to ensure health workers understand their individual needs.

Visit Department of Health (WA) for further information on COVID-19 testing.

Home testing

COVID-19 testing in the home is available for people with disability who cannot attend a COVID-19 Clinic and this is organised through the primary care provider, the General Practitioner (GP). The GP needs to make a request that a staff member from the relevant pathology group visit the home.

Testing locations

Isolation after testing

Visit the WA Department of Health sites below for further information:

Information in other languages

If you require information in a language other than English, please visit the Western Australian Government's Advice in other languages web page.

Page reviewed 30 June 2021