Intensive Family Support Service

The Intensive Family Support Service supports families to keep children safely at home or supports families to safely reunify with their children in care.
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The Intensive Family Support Service (IFSS) program is a state-wide intensive support service that works with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal families who are often experiencing disadvantage, complex challenges, and trauma, including intergenerational trauma. 

The service provides intensive in-home practical support and development of parenting and living skills to improve family wellbeing and safety. 

Referrals include:

  • Where child safety concerns exist, working to keep children safely at home.
  • Where children are in care, working to safely reunify children home.

IFSS services are delivered by an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO), or in partnership with an ACCO, and the supports provide practical parenting education and skill development for parents and/or pre-birth families, focusing on daily living skills, child mental health, education, safety, and protective skills. 

These services operate across 14 locations state-wide.