Building maintenance for government agencies

Government agencies are responsible for the maintenance (upkeep and repair) of their buildings, and minor works that improve the function, safety and appearance of buildings.

Maintenance services are delivered by building trade contractors. They are selected from panels of contractors who have been approved to maintain government buildings.

Maintenance services for government buildings are managed by the Department of Finance’s Maintenance Services division. Maintenance services are procured by the Department of Finance through frameworks that combine public and private resources state wide.

Program management

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Agencies plan an annual maintenance program with Department of Finance maintenance program managers. Each program has projects with estimated funding.

The program is allocated to an external or internal service arranger. Service arrangers scope the projects, procure labour and manage delivery. They report regularly to agencies to deliver programs on time and on budget.

Agencies must have a Strategic Asset Plan. It must include a Maintenance Plan, which helps get enough funding. Agencies may develop their Maintenance Plans with assistance from the Department of Finance. 

Maintenance Plans may include:

  • evaluating historic maintenance expenditure
  • assessing deferred maintenance need using the Building Condition Assessment Report and other tools
  • assessing the agency's portfolio age profile to determine the historic life cycle costing profile
  • determining the acceptable level of deferred maintenance based on risk assessment
  • assessing maintenance funding implications of proposed asset disposals and acquisitions
  • preparing a ten-year plan for recurrent and capital funded maintenance.

Agencies must maintain a Building Maintenance Logbook for each facility. They should follow the Maintenance Minimisation Manual to reduce building maintenance requirements and promote sustainable building design.

Project Management

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This is building related maintenance and improvement work, generally less than $250,000 in value, that is managed as individual projects.

It is delivered through dedicated project officers and established contracting arrangements - the Low Value Maintenance Panel (LVMP) in the metropolitan area, and the Service Alliance 2012 (SA12) in the regions.

Maintenance Services Arrangement

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Six government agencies have their building maintenance in the metropolitan area and Peel region managed by a private contractor under the Maintenance Services Arrangement (MSA) contract.

The contractor allocates and monitors work by contractors from the government’s maintenance contractor panels, following Department of Finance standards. The agencies are:

  • Main Roads Western Australia
  • Department of Culture and the Arts
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Training and Workforce Development

The MSA was developed in consultation with industry and participating agencies. It is part of the reforms led by the Department of Finance to improve maintenance service delivery across government. The new contract is innovative, reflects industry best practice and achieves value-for-money by focusing on service quality at a sustainable cost.

Programmed Facility Management won the MSA in 2016. Maintenance services delivered by Programmed from 1 July 2016, include:

  • breakdown repairs
  • routine maintenance
  • low value maintenance (works under $50,000)
  • projects (over $50,000)
  • strategic maintenance and planning advice
  • property services
  • site-based personnel (such as electricians, plumbers and handy persons).

MSA Communiques

MSA Communications

  1. – the Transition
  2. – Roles and Responsibilities
  3. – Benefits and Features
  4. – Subcontractor Procurement Strategy
  5. - Strategic Asset Management, featuring ProMAP
  6. - Improved Subcontractor Capability
  7. - Site Barcode Register
  8. - Low Value Maintenance and Projects


For further information or to submit queries about the MSA, please email

Agencies and Simple Works

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Agencies can manage low risk, low value maintenance and improvement work easily through the Simple Works system.

Simple Works allows agencies to directly engage contractors from the government’s maintenance contractor panels. Contractors on these panels have already met government requirements for quality of work and standard pricing. Do not use Simple Works for urgent maintenance (breakdown repairs).

Simple Works examples are:

  • minor electrical work (outlets or lights)
  • marking of courts and car parks
  • internal painting
  • minor plumbing work (taps or drains).

Agencies may nominate the value ceiling of their Simple Works contracts, for example, $5,000 or $10,000. Agencies must authorise and supervise officers requesting Simple Works. To participate, submit a Simple Works Application Form to a BMW Program Manager or BMW Regional Officer. They can also answer any questions; or contact the Simple Works Senior Project Manager on (08) 6551 1748.

Organising Simple Works

Authorised agency representatives may request Simple Works by calling the Maintenance Services Centre (MSC) direct on 132 134, or emailing the Simple Works Request Form to

Some agencies use the Maintenance Services Arrangement with Programmed Facilities Management (PFM) in the metropolitan area. They should organise works with PFM’s portal or call 1300 044 113.

More information

  1. Simple Works Application Form
  2. Simple Works Process Flow Chart
  3. Simple Works How To Guide
  4. Simple Works Request Form

Regional Maintenance and the Service Alliance 2012

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Delivering government maintenance in regional Western Australia

The Service Alliance 2012 (SA12) was introduced by the Department of Finance to deliver building, maintenance and improvement work on Government assets in regional Western Australia.

SA12 aims for strong working relationships with local contractors from building-related trades. It does not include suppliers, consultants or project managers.

Breakdown repair service

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Urgent and unplanned maintenance requests

Agencies not participating in the Maintenance Services Arrangement can access the Department of Finance’s 24/7 breakdown repair service for urgent, non-routine maintenance through a call centre network on 132 134. The call centre lodges requests for repairs with pre-qualified contractors. The breakdown repair service provides a comprehensive range of services that maintains all aspects of buildings.

Contact details for the Metropolitan Breakdown Repair team.

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