Biodiscovery Bill for Western Australia

Creating legislation for fair and equitable access to Western Australia's biological resources
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We are seeking feedback from interested stakeholders and communities including Aboriginal people, researchers and businesses. If you would like to provide your views to help us develop the Bill, complete this form so that we can contact you.

What is biodiscovery?

Biodiscovery involves the research and analysis of biological resources such as native plants and animals, to identify components of value. The results can be used to make new products like medicines and biotechnologies. 

Western Australia has some of the world’s most diverse plant and animal life. Researchers and businesses from around the world can use these unique biological resources for biodiscovery. 

Why are we developing a Bill?

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation is leading the development of the WA Biodiscovery Bill (the Bill). 

The Bill will set out a framework for accessing WA's native plants and animals for biodiscovery purposes, and provide certification for researchers to demonstrate that their work is consistent with the principles of the Nagoya Protocol, an international agreement. It will ensure that everyone in WA shares in the commercial and other benefits of biodiscovery.  

The Bill will:

  • Ensure the State will share in commercial and other benefits of biodiscovery. 
  • Ensure that Aboriginal people will share in commercial and other benefits when traditional knowledge has been shared and used for biodiscovery activities.
  • Ensure benefits from commercial biodiscovery are shared with relevant parties on Mutually Agreed Terms.