Criminal Property Confiscation Grants Program

Supporting incorporated not-for-profit organisations and Local Government authorities to better assist the WA community.
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The Department of Justice administers a grants program on behalf of the Attorney General, drawing on funds collected under the Criminal Property Confiscation Act 2000.

The Criminal Property Confiscation Act 2000 provides for the confiscation in certain circumstances of property acquired as a result of criminal activity or used for criminal activity. The Act also makes provision for re-distribution of confiscated funds and proceeds of the sale of other confiscated property for a number of purposes including the development and administration of programs or activities:

  • Designed to provide support services and other assistance to victims of crime.
  • Designed to prevent or reduce drug-related criminal activity and the abuse of prohibited drugs.
  • For any other purpose in aid of law enforcement focussing on community safety and crime prevention initiatives within Western Australia.

Eligible not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities are invited to apply for funds of up to $200,000 to implement projects for the above purposes.

The latest round has now closed.


Successful Projects from the July 2023 funding round

34 applications were received in this funding round, with the following 13 projects approved for funding totalling $2,239,214.46
ApplicantProjectGeographical Area Served by ProjectFunding Approved ($ Ex GST)
Jobs South West Inc

The Peel Youth On Track (PYOT) Project will work with 60 young people aged 12 - 18 years of age over a two year period who are referred/present with high risk behaviours, criminal/offending activity and drug abuse/misuse. 

The Program will have experienced case workers concentrating on building relationships with the young offenders, families and community with a case managed approach to provide appropriate individual interventions. After-School hours workshops including Keys4Life, learners permit, driving lessons, RYDE sessions, White Card, First Aid Certificate and Barista training will be delivered in conjunction with PCYC and Recreation Centres with a view to minimise progression into the criminal justice system.

Centrecare Incorporated

The Strong Futures Youth Outreach Project is an early outreach intervention focused on addressing criminogenic need and building resilience in children at-risk of entering the youth justice system. Participants may be engaging in offending behaviours, live in homes with where offending behaviour is normalised, or display other at-risk factors. 

The service will provide holistic, case management supports that are flexible and adaptive according to age and culture. Supports will include mentoring, counselling, goal setting, recreational activities, and activity-based sessions focused on encouraging pro-social skills development, resilience, emotional regulation, protective behaviours, and diverting children away from high-risk situations. Support will be offered to children and their families.

Cannington, Gosnells, Armadale$200,000.00
Newman Women’s Shelter

The Martu Youth Support Project will employ a full-time Martu Youth Worker to develop a schedule of events for Martu youth aimed at alleviating boredom, addressing peak times of antisocial activity and providing access to education around the effects of drug use. 

The Youth Worker will focus on building relationships with Martu youth, their families and developing improved systems and supports to provide necessary and ongoing wrap around care for at-risk youth. Complimentary to the night patrols, activities for young people will include community activities, movie nights, music and art activities to divert engagement from risky or antisocial behaviour, and support relationships between young people, staff and other agencies.

Newman, Punmu$200,000.00
South West Refuge Inc

The Safe Harbour Project aims to provide free preferential drug and alcohol counselling to clients who have experienced family and domestic violence, avoiding the need to be waitlisted to receive support. 

The project will also provide a number of targeted wrap-around services including assistance with applying for financial support after surviving a family or domestic violence incident and an opportunity provided to learn a new skill as a Barista to improve employment opportunities. The project will capitalise on the moment when the survivor wishes to leave the relationship and seek help.

Tenacious House

The RISE UP - Transforming Criminality to Contribution Project will address the underlying causes of criminal offending and the abuse of prohibited substances through a comprehensive and multifaceted approach including an 18-month residential program. 

The project will introduce specific interventions including LE Peer and Clinical counselling sessions and group work focusing on reducing re-offending and criminality. Additional external providers will be engaged to create and deliver specific and unique interventions and to tackle the root issues contributing to criminal behaviour, including substance addiction and skill deficits. Vocational training, employment connections, and financial literacy education will provide participants with practical alternatives to criminal activities.

Bullsbrook, Joondalup$199,500.00
Waalitj Foundation

The Addressing Youth Antisocial and Unlawful Behaviours Project will engage a Youth Mentor to help overcome the rise in youth disengagement and resulting antisocial and unlawful behaviours in the Laverton area. Individual mentoring support will be complemented by a holistic group pre-employment program delivered in block training to enhance the employability of young people in the region. 

The individualised mentoring support approach will assist youth to address barriers including mental health, lack of skills and education, unstable housing, and lack of exposure to the workforce.

Wirrimanu Aboriginal Corporation

The Balgo Community Night Patrol Project will provide a seven-day night patrol program that coordinates with services and police. The patrol will be a community owned and focussed intervention aimed at people who are at risk of becoming victims of crime or potential offenders. Workers will include men and women reflecting cultural and family groups and the patrol will focus on hot spots, engaging with people, taking them to safe places and contacting police when necessary. 

The patrol will travel around the community at night and will provide one-on-one or group support to people who are at risk of committing a crime in the community and will transport individuals or groups of people as required home or to a safe place. The patrol will talk to community members and provide referrals to other agencies such as the Balgo Youth Service and clinic.

City of Mandurah

The Stronger Suburbs Cocooning Project aims to build the capacity of residents to take ownership of their dwelling safety. 

The Project Officer will be responsive to concerned local residents and crime hotspots via direct contact from residents and consulting data. Working closely with WA Police at the Mandurah Station, the project will build residents’ awareness, skills, and knowledge of CPTED principles and offer resources to improve household and personal safety. Residents will be encouraged and upskilled to take a proactive approach to their safety by reducing opportunities of crime via their natural environment.

City of Canning

The StreetSport Program will deliver a neighbourhood sport skills program for young people between 8 and 15years, positively activating identified ‘crime/anti-social hot spots’ around Bentley and Queens Park. 

The program will take place on a mix of streets and Reserves, two locations per neighbourhood, as an early intervention to reduce anti-social and criminal activities. The City will partner with local sporting organisations, Community Safety and Youth teams, as well as external services to run the sessions and provide wraparound support to children and families.

Bentley, Queens Park$39,900.00
Ruah Legal Services

The Mental Health Youth Justice Project will pilot integrating legal and non-legal support into one model to support young people experiencing mental health issues and going through the criminal justice system. The program will involve 1 FTE Lawyer and 1 FTE Key Worker. 

The Lawyer will provide legal representation and advice to the young person, and the young person will have access to a Key Worker for psychosocial support. The support from the Key Worker can be brief intervention through to longer term therapeutic goal focused work.

Perth Metro197,700.89
Parkerville Children and Youth Care IncorporatedThe FDV Child and Youth Advocate Project will provide therapeutic trauma-informed interventions, psychoeducation and support to children and young people (CYP), and their families, impacted by FDV. An FDV Advocate will be employed at the Multi-agency Investigation Support Team (MIST) service in Midland and will work alongside highly trained clinicians providing integrated wrap-around services for CYP impacted by child sexual abuse, FDV and other adverse childhood experiences. The FDV Advocate will also provide training to MIST staff on how to work with CYP impacted by FDV.Midland$187,912.00

The Positive Lifestyles through Supported Employment project will partner with Reboot, a throughcare recruitment agency to find opportunities for ex-offenders using the reintegration employment model, to identify suitable youth candidates who are no longer under the supervision of the Justice system. Candidates will be inducted, employed and upskilled for 6-18 months, receiving 1-on-1 case management to address personal barriers. 

Aboriginal Organisations will be engaged to offer cultural safety and community support for ATSI candidates. Reboot will then utilise its network of industry partners and recruiters to find employment for candidates in the competitive workforce.

Perth Metro$195,000.00
Sudbury Community House Association

The Safer Mirrabooka: People and Place Development Initiative Project is part of a broader community-safety-place-development strategy for the Mirrabooka Town Centre which inserts a health, social-wellbeing and equity approach to address causal factors for negative/anti-social behaviour/involvement in community-crime. 

The project will provide 12 months of regular staff outreach presence whilst facilitating consistent community-influenced public events which positively activate the space. The project will include diversionary services as well as direct support and/or referral-connection to services.