Parliamentary Counsel's Office

The Parliamentary Counsel's Office (PCO) provides comprehensive legislative drafting and related services to the Government, its departments and agencies to ensure that legislation is prepared to give effect to government policy and priorities.

Parliamentary Counsel’s Office does not provide advice to the public about the interpretation or operation of legislation. Instead you may wish to contact the government agency that administers the legislation.

If you have questions relating to legislation our Frequently Asked Questions may give you the answer you are looking for.

Services provided by the PCO include:

  • preparing drafts of Bills for Ministers so they can be introduced into Parliament in accordance with the government's legislative program
  • preparing amendments to Bills for Ministers during their passage through Parliament
  • preparing drafts of subsidiary legislation for Ministers and government agencies so the Acts they administer can be fully implemented and properly administered
  • providing legislative drafting services to private members of Parliament and facilitating the work of parliamentary committees
  • compiling texts of Acts and subsidiary legislation with their amendments incorporated so the laws of the State can be made available in a variety of forms to those who must comply with them and those who must apply and enforce them
  • maintaining the Western Australian Legislation website and arranging publication of information about the legislation of WA.


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