State Solicitor's Office

Widely recognised as a leading law office, the State Solicitor's Office is also the longest standing legal office in Perth having been established in 1838.
Last updated: 4 May 2023

In June 2021, Cabinet agreed that the State Solicitor's Office would become an independent sub-department of the Department of Justice.  This was in response to the 2018 Special Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects – otherwise known as the Langoulant Report – that strongly recommended the move.

The Transition and Implementation Working Group oversaw the transition.

The SSO's new status is consistent with comparable jurisdictions, it counters perceptions of partiality and conflict of interest, and engenders greater public trust.

About us

The State Solicitor's Office is responsible for the provision of broad based, high quality legal services to the Government of WA and to a wide range of state government client departments and agencies.

In summary, the State Solicitor's Office:

  • provides legal advice to the Cabinet, the Attorney General of WA, Ministers and government departments and agencies
  • drafts legal documents for the Government and government clients
  • represents the State of WA and government clients in a wide range of civil litigation matters
  • provides commercial, conveyancing and other property related services
  • manages native title claims on behalf of the State
  • conducts prosecutions for client agencies with prosecutorial powers
  • regularly appears as counsel on behalf of State and clients in a wide range of State and Federal courts and tribunals.

The SSO is located in the Perth CBD, with some lawyers placed on site with client departments within the metropolitan area.

The State Solicitor's Office is not permitted to provide legal advice to private individuals or businesses. If you are a private individual or business and require any form of legal advice or assistance you should contact a private solicitor or a public law body such as Legal AidWA.

If you are a private individual or business seeking access to any current or past WA legislation, visit the Western Australian Legislation website.

Media enquiries

The State Solicitor's Office generally does not comment to the media and will refer media enquiries about specific matters to the appropriate Government entity which enlisted its services.

Obtaining advice or representation

If you are a private individual or business and require any form of legal advice or assistance you should contact a private solicitor or a public law body such as Legal Aid WA.

If you are a representative of an approved State Solicitor's Office client department or agency and are authorised by your agency to seek legal advice or legal representation on its behalf, then you can seek advice or representation from the State Solicitor's Office.

If you require any further information, or if you need clarification as to whether your agency is an approved client of the State Solicitor's Office, use the contact details provided on this page.


Annual Report

Western Australia's Pro Bono Model


Media release

Legal Aid WA chief appointed State Solicitor

The Department of Justice Director General, Dr Adam Tomison, has appointed Legal Aid WA Director, Dr Graham Hill, as Western Australia's State Solicitor.
Media release

Pro bono veteran honoured at Community Service Law Awards

A lawyer who pioneered free legal advice at night and a Pilbara service helping disadvantaged people navigate the justice system have been recognised in the 2021 Attorney General's Community Service Law Awards.