Crown land divestment

The Department is required to deliver the greatest value to the State when seeking to repurpose or sell surplus Crown land.

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The highest and best use of the land is a priority when considering its appropriate future use or divestment which may be based on an economic, environmental or social values that align with current Government priorities.

Where sale by competitive process is the preferred divestment option, Government seeks the best possible financial and development outcome that will return benefit to the State.

Detail of current and upcoming land acquisition opportunities are listed below.

For more information or to register an interest in future land asset sales please contact the Land Divestment team at the Department.

If you are interested in acquiring or using some specific unallocated or unused crown land, that is not currently identified as surplus to Government requirements and listed on the page, please submit a Crown Land Enquiry form (general) which can be found on the submitting a Crown land enquiry page.

Land being marketed for sale

Land currently available for sale is as follows.
Licenced real estate agents are appointed to manage the sale of Government land and should be the first point of contact if you are interested in a property.

Licenced real estate agents are appointed to manage the sale of Government land and should be the first point of contact if you are interested in a property.

Property addressProperty name/typeSales agentSales listing
Bridgetown, 52 & 56 Hampton StreetVacant landBlackwood Valley Real EstateListing
Nanson, Lot 101 East TerraceResidential landRay White GeraldtonListing
South Hedland, Lot 3581 Yanderra CrescentIndustrial landHedland First NationalListing

Current properties being prepared for divestment

The Department works with relevant government agencies to identify constraints and ensure properties are appropriately prepared before divestment.

The department works closely with all relevant government agencies to ensure properties are appropriately deconstrained prior to sale and taking into consideration each property's best use within its surrounding area.

The sale process will vary from one property to another with some sites requiring more work than others in order to be ready for the property market.

Land identified for sale

Property Address / NameResponsible AgencyEstimated Marketing (financial year)
Bulgarra, 40 Turner WayDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageFinalising deconstraining and land assembly actions
Carmel, 1 Union RoadDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageEstimated Marketing in 2024
Caversham, 130 Hamersley RoadDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageFinalising land assembly actions
Claremont, 288 Stirling HighwayDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageRezoning of site required prior to disposal
Collie, Lot 734 Raymond StreetDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageEstimated Marketing in 2025
Cottesloe, 2A Curtin Avenue (Former McCall Centre)Department of Planning, Lands and HeritageMRS / LPS amendment processes being progressed
Fremantle, 18 Pakenham Street (Terminus Hotel)Department of Planning, Lands and HeritageEstimated Marketing in 2024
Jurien Bay, Lots 437 and 438 Bashford StreetDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageUndertaking divestment investigations
Karratha Industrial Estate, Lot 2878 Coolawanyah RoadDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageFinalising land assembly actions
Lockridge, Lots 55, 86, 500 and 14170 Kerwin WayDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageEstimated Marketing in 2023
Margaret River, 9 Clarke RoadDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageROI for possible sale or lease closed
Northam, 23 Mitchell AvenueDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageFinalising land assembly actions
Paraburdoo, Lot 16 Turee WayDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageEstimated Marketing in 2024
Perth, 153 Newcastle Street (Tom Burke House)Department of Planning, Lands and HeritageUndertaking divestment investigations
Wedgefield, 5 Yanana StreetDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageEstimated Marketing in 2024
West Perth, 7 Harvest TerraceDepartment of Planning, Lands and HeritageUndertaking divestment investigations

Sales history

The following list provides details of sale of surplus Government Crown land administered by the department.

Sold at market value

Property addressSale price (ex GST)Sale dateValuation
Port Hedland, 8 Leslie Street$1,272,727.2723/05/2024Sold above market value
Wedgefield, 2 Manganese Street$700,000.0013/05/2024Sold at market value
Karratha Industrial Estate, 1497 Lambert Road$559,090.9120/03/2024Sold at market value
Corrigin, Lot 475 Walton Street$23,850.0019/03/2024Sold at market value
Wedgefield, 5-7 Schillaman Street$2,758,800.0013/02/2024Sold at market value
Mount Barker, 8 Ormond Road$55,000.0012/02/2024Sold at market value
Paraburdoo, Lot 14 Camp Road$420,000.0016/10/2023Sold above market value
Paraburdoo, Lot 15 Turee Way$252,000.0016/10/2023Sold above market value
Lot 1026 Lambert Road, Karratha Light Industrial Estate$980,000.0010/08/2023Sold at market value
1 Midland Square, Midland
58 Morrison Road, Midland
$17,330,000.0028/03/2022Sold below market value
22 Langar Way, Landsdale$225,000.0019/09/2022Sold at market value
Lot 2439 Guara Drive, Sunset Beach$563,636.3615/09/2022Sold above market value
East Perth, 34 Cheriton Street$1,006,500.0030/08/2022Sold above market value
85 Olivia Terrace Carnarvon$650,000.0003/06/2022Sold at market value
Lot 68 Nameless Valley Drive, Tom Price$700,000.0010/05/2022Sold above market value
62 Lauder Street, Nanson$25,000.0023/02/2022Sold at market value
Welshpool, 1-31 Murray Road South$9,053,178.6715/11/2021Sold above market value
12 Hall Street, Roebourne$25,000.0005/11/2021Sold at market value
69 Olivia Terrace, Carnarvon$140,000.0024/08/2021Sold at market value
71 Olivia Terrace, Carnarvon$100,000.0024/08/2021Sold above market value
14 Clifton Street, Collie$68,181.8219/10/2021Sold at market value
Lot 3463 Kwinana Street, South Hedland$63,636.3616/08/2021Sold at market value
Lot 500 Wyatt Road, Bayswater$400,000.0030/10/2020Sold at market value
11 Hickory Road, Quinns Rock$935,000.0004/09/2020Sold at market value
21 Atkin Street, Jarrahdale$363,636.3610/08/2020Sold at market value
72 South River Road, Carnarvon$380,000.0007/08/2020Sold at market value
Fremantle, 41 South Terrace$3,231,818.1927/07/2020Sold below market value
Lot 5235 Twelve Mile Creek Road, Pippingarra$128,181.8020/07/2020Sold above market value
Scarborough, Reserve Street$17,800,000.0015/07/2021Sold above market value
472 South River Road, Carnarvon$200,000.0007/07/2020Sold at market value
7 Gooch Street, Eneabba$16,500.0009/06/2020Sold at market value
86 Wheatley Street, Gosnells$163,636.3604/05/2020Sold at market value
45 Banksia Drive, Coral Bay$650,000.0022/05/2020Sold above Market value
Lot 5954 Kennedy Street, Pundulmarra Village South Hedland$800,000.0016/04/2020Sold at market value
Lot 7 Turee Way, Paraburdoo$54,545.0030/03/2020Sold at market value
Lot 1240 Killawarra Drive, Tom Price$55,000.0027/03/2020Sold at market value
21 Herbert Way, Wickham$122,500.0023/03/2020Sold above market value
29 Cunliffe Street, Lancelin$500,00020/12/2019Sold at market value
Lockridge, Lot 8571 Barlow Court$450,000.0008/02/2021Sold above market value
7-9 Field Street, Mount Lawley$5,250,000.0024/11/2020Sold above market value
4 Trembath Street, Port Hedland$255,000.0009/12/2019Sold above market value
Karratha Industrial Estate, Lot 1513 Lambert Road$800,00020/12/2019Sold at market value
4 Trembath Street, Port Hedland$255,0009/12/2019Sold above market value
Mount Barker, 12 Oatlands Road$163,636.3622/11/2019Sold at market value
79 Darlot Street, Meekatharra$40,000.0028/10/2019Sold above market value
Lot 1513 Lambert Road, Karratha Industrial Estate$800,000.0020/12/2020Sold at market value
12 Oatlands Road, Mount Barker$163,636.3622/11/2019Sold at market value
392 Rockingham Road, Spearwood$852,89128/10/2019Sold above market value
Fremantle, 31 Alma Street$570,00018/09/2019Sold above market value
West Perth, 705-707 Murray Street & 18 Cook Street$11,250,00026/06/2019Sold at market value
Karratha, 1503 Anderson Road, Karratha Industrial Estate$285,00017/06/2019Sold above market value
Fremantle, 29 Alma Street$720,00006/02/2019Sold above market value
Fremantle, 23 Alma Street$716,00029/01/2019Sold above market value
Fremantle, 27 Alma Street$710,00025/01/2019Sold above market value
Tom Price, Lot 208 Moonah Street$26,00002/01/2019Sold at market value
Tom Price, Lot 213 Moonah Street$28,00002/01/2019Sold at market value
Tom Price, Lot 218 Moonah Street$26,00002/01/2019Sold at market value
Fremantle, 25 Alma Street$630,00024/12/2018Sold above market value
Merredin, Lot 1209 (2) Warne Street$10,00021/12/2018Sold at market value
St James, 10 Burlington Street$409,090.9023/11/2018Sold at market value
Maylands, 1 Clarkson Road$3,280,00021/09/2018Sold above market value
Denham, Lot 28 Hughes Street$380,00002/08/2018Sold at market value
1 Clarkson Road, Maylands$4,300,00.0021/08/2020Above market value
Mundijong, 29 Anstey Street$225,00022/08/2018Sold at market value
Wyndham, 26 Koojarra Street$65,454.5410/08/2018Sold at market value
East Perth, 20 Bronte Street$8,500,000.0026/06/2018Sold above market value
Mount Barker, 973 Eulup-Manurup Road$1,025,00007/05/2018Sold above market value
Karratha, Lot 1534 Pyramid Road$245,00028/03/2018Sold above market value
Fitzroy Crossing, 11 Bell Road$207,50009/02/2018Sold above market value
Derby, 35 Knowsley Street$210,00021/11/2017Sold at market value
Latham, 17 Chapple Street$57,73021/11/2017Sold above market value
Mundijong, 31 Anstey Street$333,00006/11/2017Sold above market value
Corrigin, 2 Caley Way$31,81808/09/2017Sold at market value
Bunbury, Lot 500 Stephen Street$480,00002/08/2017Sold at market value
Old Bunbury Post Office$480,00002/08/2017Sold at market value
Lake Muir, Lot 83 Radburn Road$559,09031/07/2017Sold above market value
Former Tincurrin Primary School$54,54510/07/2017Sold at market value
York, 189 Avon Tce$36,36406/07/2017Sold at market value
South Plantations, 1896 NW Coastal Highway$100,00030/06/2017Sold at market value
Wickham, Lot 757 Mulga Way$150,000.0011/01/2021Sold at market value
Wickham, 2 Mulga Way$700,00015/06/2017Sold at market value
Old Perth Girls School, East Perth$5,075,00014/06/2017Sold above market value
Kalbarri, Lot 555 Walker Street$400,0026/05/2017Sold at market value
Norseman, 15 Mines Road$5,90916/05/2017Sold above market value
Maddington, 24 Helm Street$474,00016/05/2017Sold above market value
Former Buntine Primary School$63,75010/05/2017Sold at market value
Orelia, 2 Berthold Street and 11 Bolton Way$1,900,0003/05/2017Sold at market value
Wongan Hills, Lot 3 Wongan Road$49,00028/04/2017Sold above market value
Mundaring, Lot 180 Tsavo Street$240,90918/04/2017Sold at market value
Karratha, Lot 1533 Pyramid Road$330,00014/02/2017Sold at market value
Lake Grace, 50-52 Stubbs Street$205,00003/02/2017Sold above market value
Merredin, Lot 510 Caw Street$240,90925/01/2017Sold at market value
Donnybrook, 39 Sandhills Road, Beelerup$163,63620/12/2016Sold at market value
Stoneville, 900 Woodlands Road$565,00022/09/2016Sold above market value
Cervantes, 2 Weston Street$245,45419/09/2016Sold above market value
Northam, Lot 21 (43) Robinson Street$201,50014/09/2016Sold at market value
Mount Anketell, 214 De Witt Road$118,18202/09/2016Sold above market value
Mount Hawthorn, 80 Ellesmere Street$2,125,00030/06/2016Sold above market value
Perth, 65 Murray Street$2,600,00025/05/2016Sold above market value
Fremantle, 45 Henderson Street$3,682,00010/05/2016Sold above market value
Kalbarri, 28 Harvey Place$72,72709/05/2016Sold at market value
Mount Barker, 1083 Eulup-Manurup Road$600,00018/04/2016Sold at market value
Doubleview, 234 Scarborough Beach Road$750,00029/03/2016Sold above market value
Derby, 28 Loch Street$409,09030/11/2015Sold at market value
North Coogee, 167 Cockburn Road$4,146,36320/11/2015Sold at market value
Balladong, 10 Knotts Road$34,20014/08/2015Sold at market value
Norseman, Lot 500 Mildura Street$10,90928/07/2015Sold at market value
Midland, 12 Padbury Terrace$1,650,00010/07/2015Sold above market value
Kalamunda, 17 Mead Street$2,310,00027/05/2015Sold above market value
Roleystone, Lots 1352 & 3268 Robin Road$1,250,00005/05/2015Sold above market value
Kununurra, 13 Greybox Cresent$410,00014/04/2015Sold above market value
Kellerberrin, 421 Massingham Street$70,00005/03/2015Sold at market value
Dumbleyung, 47 Bartram Road$13,63603/03/2015Sold above market value
Karratha, 17 Lawrence Way$320,27228/01/2015Sold above market value
Kalgoorlie, 54 Brookman Street$909,09013/01/2015Sold at market value
Port Hedland, 28 Cajarina Road$415,00009/01/2015Sold above market value
Dalwallinu ,87 Johnston Street$45,45424/12/2014Sold at market value
White Gum Valley, 125 Stevens Street$4,288,25419/12/2014Sold at market value
Mount Nasura, 69 Carawatha Avenue$730,00014/11/2014Sold above market value
Wanneroo, 4 Shaw Road$3,465,1217/10/2014Sold at market value

*Release pending sale of adjoining property

The following list provides details of recent sales of surplus Government freehold land administered by a Statutory Authority, Government Trading Enterprise or a Ministerial Body Corporate. The department does not have access to all current sales or valuations for Government freehold land sold by these agencies.

Property addressResponsible agencySale price (ex GST)Sale date
Fremantle, 19-29 Henderson Street (Warders 1)State Heritage Office$2,830,00010/12/2018
Como, Lot 800 Edgecombe StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$430,00011/04/2018
Munster, Lot 812 Fawcett RoadWestern Australian Planning Commission$1,780,00006/04/2018
Mount Tarcoola, 127 Durlacher Street,Main Roads WA$240,00029/03/2018
Hannans, 8 Montgomery AvenueWestern Power$300,00026/03/2018
South Hedland, 20 Curlew CrescentMain Roads WA$210,00020/03/2018
Badginarra, Lot 53 Cadda RoadWestern Power$75,00002/03/2018
Forrestfield, 207 Holmes RoadWestern Power$770,00005/02/2018
South Lake, Lot 50 South Lake DriveWestern Power$125,00017/01/2018
West Lamington, 60 Shaw StreetWestern Power$385,00016/11/2017
Lamington, 129 Graeme StreetWestern Power$280,00016/11/2017
East Victoria Park, 119-125 Bank StreetWestern Power$2,600,0002/11/2017
Jandakot, 76 Cutler RoadWestern Power$4,752,90028/09/2017
Madely, Lot 801 Windsor StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$921,68615/09/2017
Calista, 5 Calista AvenueHealth Department$250,00014/08/2017
West Lamington, 57 Shaw StreetWestern Power$299,0007/08/2017
Former Woodside Maternity Hospital, East FremantleHealth Department$13,000,00003/08/2017
Victoria Park, 61 Kent StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$520,00028/07/2017
East Nannup, Lot 100 Brockman RoadWater Corporation$300,00014/07/2017
Paulls Valley, 257 Paulls Valley RoadWater Corporation$620,0007/07/2017
Inglewood, Lot 801 Beaufort StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$750,0003/07/2017
Bentley, Lots 28 & 29 Albany HwyMain Roads WA$680,00030/06/2017
Redcliffe, Pt Lot 2 Stanton Road & Tonkin HwyMain Roads WA$4,168,00030/06/2017
Fremantle, Pt Henderson StreetState Heritage Office$2,553,00026/04/2017
Shenton Park, 142 Aberdare RoadWestern Australian Planning Commission$750,0006/06/2017
Kununurra, 3 Casuarina WayHorizon Power$400,0002/06/2017
Forrestfield, 91 Bedford CrescentWestern Australian Planning Commission$600,0001/06/2017
Midvale/Midland, 90 Elgee RoadWestern Australian Planning Commission$900,00018/05/2017
West Lamington. 17 O'Connor WayWestern Australian Planning Commission$270,0009/05/2017
Hamilton Hill, 26 Hamilton RoadWater Corporation$505,00027/04/2017
South Perth, 94 & 98 Canning HwyMain Roads WA$880,16821/04/2017
Brockman (Carnarvon), 5 Buzolic CourtMain Roads WA$320,00007/04/2017
Kununurra, 43 Casuarina WayMain Roads WA$310,0005/04/2017
South Perth, 164 & 168 Canning HwyMain Roads WA$1,145,4544/04/2017
Hannan (Kalgoorlie), 20 Downey WayMain Roads WA$293,0009/03/2017
Mount Tarcoola, 10 Duncan StreetMain Roads WA$280,0007/03/2017
Beckenham, 79 William StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$1,725,0002/03/2017
Osborne Park, 72 Gordon StreetWestern Power$600,00028/02/2017
Ballajura, 58 Cassowary DriveWater Corporation$385,00010/02/2017
Millars Well, 20 Gawthorne StreetMain Roads WA$210,0006/02/2017
Cannington Terminal Site - WEST 1Western Power$715,00022/12/2016
Inglewood, Lot 400 Cnr Beaufort and Harcourt StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$485,00022/12/2016
North Perth, 15 Green StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$500,0006/12/2016
Two Rocks, 12 Genesta PlaceWater Corporation$120,00025/11/2016
HighgateWestern Australian Planning Commission$550,00031/08/2016
Hammond Park, Lot 38 Barfield RoadWestern Power$432,50029/08/2016
Mullewa, 26 Gray StreetMinister for Works$7,27326/08/2016
Dalyellup, Lot 3001 Centenary RoadWestern Power$990,00023/08/2016
Wembley, 2 Corboy StreetWater Corporation$304,00018/08/2016
Dalyellup, Lot 3001 Centenary RoadWestern Power$750,00015/08/2016
North Coogee, Lot 800 McTaggart CoveWestern Australian Planning Commission$9,090,00027/06/2016
Port Kennedy, 4 Mandurah RoadWestern Australian Planning Commission$5,227,00027/06/2016
Rockingham, ot 9001 Goddard StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$3,909,00027/06/2016
Redcliffe, Lot 603 Hay RoadWestern Australian Planning Commission$2,363,00027/06/2016
Eglinton, Pt Lot 8 Pipidiny RoadWestern Australian Planning Commission$1,818,00027/06/2016
Perth, 329-331 Murray StreetWestern Power$6,000,00024/06/2016
Perth, 325 Murray StreetWestern Power$2,800,00024/06/2016
Booragoon, 3 Shields CrescentWestern Power$1,100,0007/06/2016
West Perth, 25 Simpson StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$477,5001/06/2016
Como, 26 Manning RoadWestern Australian Planning Commission$825,00031/05/2016
Subiaco, 20A Subiaco RoadWestern Australian Planning Commission$1,000,00025/05/2016
Northbridge, 134 Roe StreetWestern Power$4,750,00018/05/2016
Ocean Reef, 15 Mainsail DriveWater Corporation$980,00014/05/2016
Northbridge, Lot 53 Aberdeen StWestern Australian Planning Commission$1,607,00010/05/2016
Geraldton, 180 Marine TceLotteries Commission$1,350,0006/05/2016
Willetton, 5 Yampi WayWestern Power$1,650,0005/04/2016
Bayswater, 1A Newton StWestern Power$700,0009/03/2016
Forrestdale, 440 Nicholson RoadWestern Power$955,00017/02/2016
Neerabup, 69 Mather DriveWestern Power$2,515,00011/02/2016
Oldbury, Pt L231 Orton RdWestern Power$1,750,00026/01/2016
Orana, (Lot 12) 4 Valencia CloseTraining and Workforce Development$568,18225/01/2016
Orana, (Lot 13) 6 Valencia CloseTraining and Workforce Development$181,81825/01/2016
East Fremantle, 37 Moss StreetHealth Department$825,00019/01/2016
Swan View , 16 Pechey RoadWater Corporation$693,75024/12/2015
Jandakot, Lot 3 & Pt Lot 5 Hope RoadWestern Power$652,00024/12/2015
Forrestfield, Cnr Hawtin Road & Lovett DriveWestern Power$34,500,00021/12/2015
Lathlain, 10 Midgely StreetWestern Power$480,00021/12/2015
Neerabup, Lots 12 and 14 (Part 2)Western Australian Planning Commission$220,04516/12/2015
Mirrabooka, 54 Mirrabooka AvenueHealth Department$5,000,00016/11/2015
Herne Hill, 49 William StreetWestern Power$850,00022/10/2015
Belmont, 49 Arlunya AvenueWestern Power$500,00016/10/2015
Neerabup, Lots 12 and 14Western Australian Planning Commission$4,070,44313/10/2015
Swan View, Lot 1015 Pechey RoadWater Corporation$479,0005/10/2015
Stock Road, 8 Properties High StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$2,147,14811/09/2015
Rockingham, 25 Dowling StreetTraining and Workforce Development$540,00010/09/2015
Wanneroo, 96 Nicholas RoadWestern Power$1,400,0001/09/2015
Neergabby, Lot 3043 (near Chitna Road)Water Department$272,7271/09/2015
Neergabby, 88 Clarke RoadWater Department$247,50012/08/2015
East Fremantle, 77 Alexandra RoadHealth Department$810,0006/08/2015
Two Rocks, 11 Sovereign DriveWater Corporation$185,0005/08/2015
Rockingham, 7-29 McNicholl StreetWestern Australian Planning Commission$600,00027/07/2015
Nedlands, 21 Rockton RoadWestern Power$1,175,00015/06/2015
Various properties (Regional and Metro areas)$30,000various

*Only sales at a price of $100,000 or above are individually shown in the above table. Sales under $100,000 are combined and shown in the last row.