Government owned or managed heritage property

Identification, management and conservation of government owned heritage assets.

The Government of Western Australia is the largest owner of heritage places in the State, owning and managing more than a third of the places in the State Register of Heritage Places and many on other heritage lists, such as the UNESCO World Heritage List, the National Trust List of Classified Places, and Local Government Local Heritage Surveys.

Broad guidelines and standards for maintenance of State assets are provided through the Strategic Asset Management Framework (SAMF) developed by the Department of Treasury.

Although heritage assets may represent only a small proportion of a State agency’s total property assets, as custodian of these important heritage places, State agencies should ensure that these assets  are identified, managed and conserved in the present and for the future.

The Heritage Act 2018 highlights the need for Guidelines to assist State Government agencies to efficiently manage and conserve heritage assets and maintain up to date inventories of these heritage assets.  The Department has been working with State agencies to develop these guidelines to integrate with the broader strategic framework. Final consultation on the Guidelines for State Government Heritage Assets will take place alongside consultation on further regulations supporting the Heritage Act 2018.

In the meantime, the State’s policy on disposal of heritage places is reflected in the Government Heritage Property Disposal Process (GHPDP).

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Page reviewed 16 November 2021