Market-led Proposals

Market-led Proposals provide an innovative opportunity for Government and the private sector to work together to create jobs and stimulate the economy in Western Australia.
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The MLP Policy is designed to enable the private sector to submit a unique proposal to government, providing a single channel and a clear, consistent and transparent process. An MLP is an unsolicited proposal from the private sector to government to:

  • build and/or finance infrastructure
  • provide goods or services
  • purchase a government owned asset.

Additional detail about the Market-led Proposals evaluation criteria, guiding principles, and the roles and responsibilities of each party is outlined in the Supplementary Guidelines

From time to time, government may look to the private sector for innovative ideas or solutions for specific matters and an MLP may be prepared in response to a published Problem and Opportunity Statement.


If you are interested in participating in the Market-led Proposal process, please contact the Secretariat by email at