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Supporting natural resource management (NRM) in Western Australia
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Natural resource management (NRM) is the sustainable management of the land, water, atmosphere, and biodiversity resources for the benefit of existing and future generations, and for the maintenance of life support capability of the biosphere.  

By taking a landscape approach, the management of production and conservation can be integrated across land and water boundaries. This recognises the importance of managing our natural resources to deliver economic and social wellbeing for people and industry for the long term, while maintaining integral habitat for the plethora of native species that rely on that habitat for their survival.

The State NRM Program is designed to conserve and sustainably manage the State’s natural resources by supporting community groups with information and grant funding.

The WA Natural Resource Management Framework sets out the WA Government’s direction for working together in partnership to  manage WA’s natural resources for the future, and guides the direction of the State NRM Program.

Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo
Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo

Feral Cat Management Grants

Feral Cat Management Grants are available for landscape scale, community-based projects to support feral cat management with conservation outcomes for WA’s native fauna.

The Feral Cat Management Grants (FCM) are an initiative of the WA Government, delivered by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s State Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program in partnership with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. The grants are part of a larger program to deliver the Western Australian Feral Cat Strategy across the State.

There is a total of $2,000,000 of grant funding available over 4 years for feral cat management. 

More information and how to apply for a Feral Cat Management Grant

Community Stewardship Grants

The Community Stewardship Grants are designed to facilitate the conservation and sustainable management of the State’s natural resources by supporting local community groups to undertake stewardship of natural resources in their local area.

The Community Stewardship Grants are an initiative of the Western Australian Government managed though the State NRM Program at the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) with funding available annually until 2026.

Further information about Community Stewardship Grants, including past recipients and upcoming grant rounds, can be found at the links below:

More information and how to apply for a Community Stewardship Grant 

Manage my State NRM Grant 



NRM investment priorities

The WA Government’s investment in Natural Resource Management (NRM) is guided by the WA Natural Resource Management Framework.

The Framework recognises the value of partnerships in protecting and managing WA’s natural resources and outlines six priorities for coordinated NRM in WA:

  1. sustainable management of land resources
  2. maintain and enhance water assets
  3. protect and enhance the marine and coastal environment
  4. conserve and recover biodiversity
  5. enhance skills, capability and engagement
  6. deliver high-quality planning that leads to effective action.

These priorities guide the outcomes and investment priorities for the Community Stewardship Grants.  Further information about the Framework can be found at:

Western Australian Natural Resource Framework (2018)

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