State Natural Resource Management Program

Supporting natural resource management (NRM) in Western Australia

The State NRM Program is designed to conserve and sustainably manage the State’s natural resources by supporting community groups to undertake stewardship of natural resources in their local area.

The WA Natural Resource Management Framework sets out WA Government’s direction for working together in partnership to  manage WA’s natural resources for the future, and guides the direction of the State NRM Program.

Karajarri Ranger holding bushfood
Karajarri Ranger holding bushfood

Community Stewardship Grants

These grants support community-based projects that serve to protect and restore the local environment.

Community Stewardship Grants are available for community-based projects that help conserve, restore, rehabilitate or enhance a local natural area, conserve WA’s biodiversity and maintain or build the capability of NRM community groups across the State.

The 2022 Community Stewardship Grant round closed on 2 May 2022. Each grant application was assessed by a panel which provided recommendations to the relevant Ministers for approval.

The Minister for Agriculture and Food, as lead Minister for NRM, has now announced the successful applications for 2022. A complete list can be downloaded at the link below:

2022 Successful Community Stewardship Grants

Further information about grants can be found at the links below:

How to apply for a Community Stewardship Grant 

Manage my State NRM Grant 

Past lists of successful grants can be downloaded below:

2018 - Successful Community Stewardship Grants

2019 - Successful Community Stewardship Grants

2020 - Successful Community Stewardship Grants

2021 - Successful Community Stewardship Grants

Community Collaboration Grants

Community Collaboration Grants are available for community-based projects that help maintain or build the capability of NRM collaborative community groups across the State.

Community Collaboration Grants:

  • focus on a specific target; there are many areas of focus within NRM including:
    •  regenerative agriculture
    •  biodiversity conservation
    • biosecurity and invasive species management
    • management plan development for more effective implementation of future works
  • show collaboration between three or more groups
  • be valued up to $500,000
  • have a duration of up to 36 months
  • Community Collaboration Grants may include on-ground works, community capacity building or a combination of both
  • there is $1 million available for the 2021 round

The Community Collaboration Grant Guidelines are essential reading for all applicants to this year’s grant round. The 2021 grant round is now closed.

2021 - Successful Community Collaboration Grants

NRM investment priorities

The WA Government’s investment in Natural Resource Management (NRM) is guided by the WA Natural Resource Management Framework.

The Framework recognises the value of partnerships in protecting and managing WA’s natural resources and outlines six priorities for coordinated NRM in WA:

  1. sustainable management of land resources
  2. maintain and enhance water assets
  3. protect and enhance the marine and coastal environment
  4. conserve and recover biodiversity
  5. enhance skills, capability and engagement
  6. deliver high-quality planning that leads to effective action.

Western Australian Natural Resource Framework (2018)

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