Cyber Security Unit

Supporting agencies to uplift their cyber security capabilities.
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The Cyber Security Unit leads, coordinates and supports whole-of-government cyber security efforts to protect the WA Government’s information, assets and service delivery from cyber threats. The Unit was established in 2018 in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s Office of Digital Government. The Unit is led by the Chief Information Security Officer and is based at Dumas House in West Perth.


  1. Coordinating and supporting improvements to cyber security resilience across the Government Sector
  2. Improving visibility of cyber security threats, vulnerabilities and controls across the Government Sector
  3. Coordinating inter-agency operational responses to cyber security incidents
  4. Leading the State’s inter-jurisdictional cyber security engagement
  5. Providing cyber security advice to Government

Key Initiatives

  • Establishing the WA Government Cyber Security Operations Centre
  • Improving incident response arrangements and capabilities
  • Supporting implementation of baseline cyber security technical controls
  • Conducting penetration testing and vulnerability assessment engagements
  • Implementing the WA Government Cyber Security Policy
  • Promoting common cyber security training and awareness material
  • Maintaining the whole-of-government cyber security recruitment pool

Cyber security consumer advice

Cyber security is everyone's responsibility. Learn how to protect yourself online and how to best secure your electronic devices, as well as personal and business information. Visit the 'For Consumers' links on the right for details.

Cyber Security Awareness Toolkit 

A range of resources available to help with good cyber security practices.