Digital Strategy for the Western Australian Government 2021-2025

Convenient, smart, and secure services for all Western Australians
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Message from the Minister

Digital technology is changing the way governments everywhere support their citizens. Digital innovation provides the WA Government with the opportunity to stimulate economic growth and allow Western Australian people, businesses and communities to thrive.

This is the future of government. During these challenging times, we are especially reminded of the power of  digital platforms to better support those in need.

Western Australia should be at the forefront of digital change globally. The Digital Strategy for the Western Australian Government 2021-2025 (the Digital Strategy) aims to change the way our community interacts with government. It puts Western Australian people, businesses and communities at its centre and sets the vision for a government that provides convenient and secure online services informed by quality data insights. It also recognises that as government delivers more services online and better leverages data to inform its operations, excellent cyber security capabilities are more important than ever.

To successfully deliver the Digital Strategy, the WA Government will work to ensure that no one is left behind. All Western Australians should be able to enjoy the benefits of digital technologies and services in their everyday lives. However, some members of our community cannot or simply do not want to access digital services.

Government services will importantly be digital first, not digital only - preserving and growing the ability to choose how services are accessed. Whether that is visiting a front counter, talking to us over the phone or accessing government services online - accessible and inclusive solutions will be available to optimise service delivery for all.

The Digital Strategy will accelerate the transformation initiated by DigitalWA: Western Australian Government ICT Strategy 2016-20 and improve the WA Government’s ability to confront future challenges holistically. This will be driven by new whole of government capabilities enabling the delivery of seamless digital services, and a public sector workforce with strong technology skills and the right internal capabilities to deliver convenient, smart and secure services for all Western Australians.

The Digital Strategy is ambitious and exciting. It will deliver the WA Government’s vision for digital reform, and progress Western Australia towards a more secure, sustainable and inclusive digital future.

Honourable Stephen N Dawson, MLC
Minister for Emergency Services; Innovation and ICT; Medical Research; Volunteering


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