Digital Transformation & Strategy

Providing strategic guidance to agencies to support their digital transformation
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Digital Transformation and Strategy (DTS) coordinates and oversees the whole of government data and digital policy framework, including digital services policies, digital security policies and information classification policies. DTS provides guidance to agencies on the implementation of these policies and any related standards.

DTS is responsible for leading projects to drive digital transformation across the WA public sector. DTS developed the Digital Strategy for the WA Government 2021-2025: Convenient, smart and secure services for all Western Australians, and will report on digital projects and initiatives that are delivered under the Digital Strategy, as part of the WA Government’s Digital Strategy Roadmaps

DTS also developed the Digital Inclusion in WA Blueprint that sets a strategic approach for ensuring Western Australians can easily access and use digital technologies, and will report on initiatives to address barriers to digital inclusion through the whole of government Blueprint Implementation Program. DTS is responsible for implementing the Blueprint’s Digital Inclusion Partnership Framework to facilitate close collaboration and co-investment opportunities amongst the community, community services sector, industry and government. More information about digital inclusion can be found on the Digital Inclusion web page.

DTS also supports the Minister for Innovation and ICT’s participation at the Data and Digital Ministers’ Meeting (the DDMM). The DDMM is comprised of Ministers from around Australia who are working to align policies and services to improve the way that governments deliver services to their people and businesses.