Digital Transformation & Technology

Building whole of government data and digital capabilities.
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The Digital Transformation and Technology Unit (DTT) is responsible for improving the delivery of online services to the community.  DTT developed a whole of government content management system and website hosting platform ( makes it easier for people to find and access government services and information through improved accessibility, advanced search and navigation functions and a user focused interface.

DTT is currently building the core whole of government platforms to support digital service delivery to the community. The initial component is the Digital Identity Exchange. The Exchange allows agencies to leverage whole of government identities in place of developing their own. Also, under construction is the Portal for citizen and business transactions.

DTT also supports government agencies to transform from ownership of ICT infrastructure to consuming on-demand, consolidated services through the GovNext-ICT CUA. The GovNext-ICT CUA commenced in January 2017 and the uptake of the GovNext-ICT CUA services is strong across all agencies. The move to an ICT infrastructure consumption model for agencies has delivered substantial improvements in business agility, which have enabled the digital transformation of core services. DGov has also partnered with the Department of Finance to progress ICT procurement reforms.