The Digital Capability Fund

Strategic and targeted investment in digital transformation across government.
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The WA Government established the $500 million Digital Capability Fund (the Fund) to drive more strategic and targeted investment in digital transformation across the public sector and provide the capacity to upgrade legacy ICT systems. A further $400 million was allocated to the Digital Capability Fund as part of the 2022-23 Budget to ensure this essential work continues.

The Fund focuses on accelerating the delivery of the Digital Strategy for the Western Australian Government 2021-2025 and modernising the way government works to enable this transformation. ICT investment proposals will be assessed against four key criteria that drive these outcomes.

The Fund is subject to a robust governance structure and oversight. The Minister for Innovation and ICT is responsible for oversight and reporting on the operation of the Fund. A Steering Committee supports the Minister for Innovation and ICT by providing independent review and monitoring over the Fund’s administration. 

The Office of Digital Government (DGov) is responsible for the administration of the Fund, including the initial assessment and prioritisation of ICT investment proposals.

Please see the Digital Capability Fund Short Guide to learn more about the objectives, governance and operations of the Fund. 

DGov will issue detailed guidance to agencies on the processes and requirements when making applications to the Fund.