OnBoardWA: Be board ready

Things you need to know before you join a board.
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Are you board ready? Are you ready to ask questions, provide your ideas, perspective and experience?

If you’re ready to lend your voice, there are a number of resources available to guide you and further develop your skills. Training is not always essential but can serve to complement your existing capabilities.

Roles and responsibilities

It is essential that board members understand the purpose, function and responsibilities of their board. If you commit to a government board or committee, you will need to understand the complexity of roles, responsibilities and reporting arrangements between stakeholders, which include:

  • the minister responsible for the portfolio in which the board operates
  • chair of the board
  • board members
  • the CEO of each public sector body affected by the board's operations
  • the board secretary or executive officer
  • the role of the Public Sector Commission, where relevant, as the employing authority of the CEO.

Personal life and conflicts of interest

Any changes in the personal life of a board member which may affect their role or create a conflict of interest must also be disclosed immediately. Each board will have established policies and protocols for disclosure; speak to your board chair in the first instance.

Principles of good governance

There are seven principles of good governance for Western Australian boards and committees:

  1. Roles and responsibilities are clear and understood
  2. The board structure and composition ensures relevant expertise and diversity
  3. The board has a strategic focus
  4. Relevant risks are identified and managed
  5. Control systems have integrity and support accountability
  6. A culture of responsible and ethical decision making is promoted
  7. The board operates effectively

For more information and resources on boards and committees, go to Good governance for Western Australian boards and committees web page.

Supporting the community in other ways

There are many Not-for-profit organisations that play a valuable role in enhancing the lives of Western Australians, with some working with the WA Government to provide important services. These boards also require passionate and skilled board members to help guide them to success.

Those interested in Not-for-profits board vacancies are invited to include in their OnBoardWA registration their willingness to receive email notifications after Not-for-profit board vacancies are posted.