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How do I register?

View the OnBoardWA Register advertisement and press the Apply for job button. You will be prompted to login (or create an account if you don't have one).

The registration process includes submitting a range of personal and professional information that will be available to decision-makers considering filling a board vacancy. Your information is held in keeping with the privacy statement and conditions of use.

Once you have created an account, you can login at any time to review and update your registration.

How are vacancies filled?

When a board or committee vacancy becomes available, the relevant Minister will usually nominate someone to assist them with the decision-making process - this 'decision-maker' may be a ministerial officer, departmental staff member, a current member of the relevant board or committee, or any other person the Minister considers appropriate.

The decision-maker will identify candidates who might be appropriate for filling the vacancy via a variety of avenues, including:

  • Logging in to review people on the OnBoardWA Register. As custodians of the register, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet determines which decision-makers have access to directly log in to view details of those on the register, and is responsible for managing that access in keeping with the privacy statement.

  • Advertising online or in the paper, encouraging candidates to apply directly for the position.

  • Opting to use a consultancy, executive search or board recruitment service.

  • In some cases, the Minister, decision-maker, or current board members may know of eminent persons through existing networks who would be appropriate for consideration.

  • Some board appointments are defined by statutory requirement, where someone in a particular role must fill the board vacancy, such as a Chief Executive Officer or representative of an association or other organisation.

Once the decision-maker has determined who might be appropriate, they may contact candidates directly for more information to better advise the relevant Minister as to whom should fill the vacancy.

Can I request consideration for a specific board or committee?

The OnBoardWA Register allows you to submit personal and professional information to be considered for vacancies, and you can specify your 'portfolios' of interest. However, it is not possible to request consideration for a specific board or committee through the OnBoardWA Register.

On those occasions that a specific vacancy is advertised publicly and applications invited, those on the OnBoardWA Register with the relevant portfolios of interest or relevant skills and experience may be contacted directly and encouraged to apply.

Does my registration guarantee me a position on a board or committee?

No. Registration is an expression of interest; decision-makers considering filling a board vacancy may review the information you submit by registering, but are not obliged to consider any person registered.

It is important to note that board and committee appointments are not subject to the principles of merit that apply broadly to the public sector, and there are no formal avenues to object to or instigate a review of an appointment. If you are concerned about a particular appointment process, please contact us.

How long is my registration active?

Your registration will remain active until you no longer wish to be registered.

To update your details you can login to your registration here.

If you no longer wish to be registered, please see the privacy statement about requesting your information to be removed.

If you choose to re-register in future using the same email address, your account will be reactivated.