Review of WA’s COVID-19 management and response

An independent review of WA’s COVID-19 management and response has been completed.
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Review of WA's COVID-19 response

About the review

On 8 August 2023 the WA Government released the independent Review into WA’s COVID-19 Management and Response (the Review).

Western Australia is the first Australian jurisdiction to complete a whole of government review.

The Review contains 35 recommendations for current and future WA governments to respond to the next pandemic or major health emergency. The recommendations are a mix of actions taken during COVID-19 that are to be replicated or improved, as well as new actions to be undertaken.

The WA Government commissioned the Review to recognise the importance of capturing the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, examining what parts of WA’s COVID-19 response worked well and how current and future governments can be better prepared.

The Review was conducted between February 2023 and June 2023 by an independent panel comprising of the Hon John Day, Emeritus Professor Margaret Sears AO and Dr Michael Schaper.

WA Government response to the review

The Review recognises the State’s successful management of COVID-19 and the excellent health, economic and social outcomes that WA achieved, while also providing advice for how current and future governments can respond to the next pandemic.

The WA Government supports or supports in principle all 35 of the Review’s recommendations. The WA Government will work to oversee implementation of the recommendations that the Review identifies as needing to be done in advance of the next pandemic.

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